It seems that marriage is the only place where you must be rational and emotional at the same time. You have to use your analytical brain and your creative brain when you are looking to get married! Note that most individuals are not very good at lying, so they always give you some signs easily. Unfortunately, when you are truly, madly, deeply in love with someone, you may ignore red flags from the beginning. So, you should be totally honest and evaluate whether the Russian woman you are dating is wife material. Please understand that the following ideas are for information purposes only. You are supposed to use your judgment to see if you should marry your girlfriend. cannot be responsible for consequences of your action.

Does she lie to you in terms of small things?

Most Russian ladies are very honest, but in every culture, there are some women who tend to lie to people.

Let’s say your girlfriend gives you a Christmas gift & you ask, “When did you buy it?” She says, “Several days ago.” Then you see the receipt on the table which indicates she bought it 10 minutes before seeing you on that day.

In that case, she is clearly lying to you when it comes to small things. Therefore, she is not a reliable woman. When someone is too diplomatic when she does not need to, that’s actually a red flag.

Can you trust her in terms of big things in life?

  • Does she have a very close male friend?

If your Russian lady has many male friends, it doesn’t mean she is bad or evil. However, when she has one very close male friend, that’s a huge red flag.

The real question is: “Does she talk about her love life with that guy?”

As that male friend is listening to her experiences and thoughts about her love life, he is probably thinking of becoming her lover.

Look, you are a man, so you know why you have female friends, correct? Usually, guys have female friends as guys think there are chances to become their lovers, right? When your female friend talks about her love life with you and asks for your advice, what are you going to think about? Is she just a friend only? Or would you like to give her some love and affection?

  • Does she have lots of tattoos?

Having some tattoos is okay. But if she has too many tattoos and likes drinking & smoking at the same time, it’s probably a red flag.

A study in Europe shows that ladies who like having a large number of tattoos are probably not monogamous.

Does she have a good or bad relationship with her family?

Most Russian women are very close to their families. But if a woman says she hates her mother, please be aware – if she cannot have a good relationship with her actual mother, it’s possibly very hard for her to build a positive relationship with other people too.

A woman who hates her own family possibly lacks the capability to love a man. Consequently, please think twice before deciding to marry her, okay?

  • If you’ve decided to end a relationship….

The majority of Russian ladies are great wives. But if you’ve decided that someone isn’t the right candidate for you, it’s okay to end a relationship.

Although pain is unavoidable, suffering is definitely optional.

Everybody must face a relationship breakup in their lifetime. Many individuals have done it more than once, and that’s very normal. If you think ending this relationship is the right decision, you should also learn how to end it in a good way so the pain can be minimized.

First and most importantly, you need to decide if you actually want to leave this woman.

Before telling her that you are breaking up with her, you would be well-advised to make a list – just write down the pros&cons of leaving her and the pros&cons of being with her. Once you have got this type of clarity, you will make an intelligent decision with certainty and confidence. Never make any important decision when you’re still emotional and highly stressed. Look, I know this is something important to you, so you’d better make this decision when you are more analytical.

In the second place, please be completely honest with her if you have already decided to end this relationship.

Some guys may become very cold, hoping their girlfriends will break up with them. Yet this is too manipulative & most ladies will know what’s happening as women’s intuition is very strong. So, you should be totally honest with her.

Actually, you can even give your Russian girlfriend some constructive feedback that can benefit her in the long run. For example, let’s say you truly cannot tolerate her personality, then you should tell her about it so she can work on herself in future.

Although it will be easier at the moment if you tell her a white lie, that’s certainly not helpful in the long term. Being honest with her means you actually care about her. And Russian women highly value honesty. Hopefully you also value honesty!

Third, please do not start a new romantic relationship too quickly after the breakup.

A lot of men fear loneliness. Frankly, if you can’t put up with loneliness, you are just able to go so far in your life. Robert Greene once said, “Nearly all inspirations arise when a person is spending a lot of time alone. Therefore, if you cannot stand loneliness, you can only go so far in your career. Every successful person that I know loves loneliness as that is exactly when they can work harder and achieve more.”

Likewise, Gary Vaynerchuk famously said, “Now entrepreneurship is cool. But as a matter of fact, entrepreneurship is difficult, stressful and lonely. Employees are not working for you. You’re working for employees! It’s so lonely! If you know how hard you have to work for years in order to become a successful CEO, you probably wouldn’t want to do it! I know many rich guys who are depressed and I also know many people who have average jobs are perfectly happy.”

No matter what, you have to understand that spending some time alone is a healthy habit because it allows you to work more, double down on your exercise, read more books, acquire more knowledge, become a better version of yourself and cultivate more skills. All of these can happen faster when you are alone!

Then when you are ready for a new relationship, you will become a much more attractive guy that Russian ladies like!

Finally, after the breakup, you need some ‘me time’ every day. For example, each day you spend 30 minutes writing in y0ur journal. This will help you feel less stressed.

“If you are absolutely sure that neither of you would like to get back together again, you can still be friends with your ex-girlfriend. But I don’t recommend that.”