Our survey shows that most people who are interested in international dating also like personal development. The fact that you are reading this blog post right now means you are one of us!

  • Give it a go!

Supermodel Elle MacPherson says she became a successful model simply because she wanted to give it a go.

This is a very liberating and empowering mindset if you think about it – it means she is very open-minded and bold. Because she is happy to try something different, something new, she has become wildly successful!

Similarly, if you are curious about international dating, you should also give it a go and then see what happens. Give yourself the permission to witness how your beautiful love life unfolds!

Also, Elle MacPherson moved to the United States and then figured things out later. If she lived in Australia forever, she probably wouldn’t have become who she is today.

Elle MacPherson famously said, “You think outside the box when you step outside the box.” Indeed, physiology leads psychology. This is so enlightening, isn’t it?

Likewise, when it comes to meeting Eastern European women, you also need to join an international dating website before you know how it works, right?

These days western women believe in feminism, so it’s very difficult to maintain healthy relationships with western women now. No wonder more and more western men prefer Eastern European ladies in this day and age. Necessity is the mother of invention. Thus, international dating sites are designed for switched-on men like you.

Money is the by-product of a good business, and children is the by-product of a good marriage,” says a dating coach from our website, “I think only couples who are happily married should consider having children because they are able to give their kids a good upbringing.”

Business becomes good when it’s about your personal values,” says Elle MacPherson, “I highly value wellbeing, so I started my wellbeing business. When you love what you do, you do not need to work for a day in your life.” Actually, this principle also applies to dating and relationships – A marriage is good when it matches your value system. In other words, when you and your wife have the same values, maintaining this marriage is effortless.

  • What actually happens is often different from what you expect things to happen.

Many men think that language barrier is the main obstacle in international dating. But in reality, the real obstacle is oftentimes something else. Truthfully, most Eastern European women who have joined international dating sites are already good at English. So, if there is an obstacle, it can be cultural difference or other differences. But in general, women from Eastern Europe who are on international dating websites have to attend interviews in international marriage agencies’ officesbefore their profiles can be accepted and approved. Therefore, a reliable dating site like www.SimplyDating.comis a reputable platform.

Life is short, so every moment counts. Yes, every moment is very important. You should take action now and make your love life great!

If you are sitting in front of your laptop for hours while chatting with a lady on a dating site, I highly encourage you to have a dance break. Note that physical activity contributes to brain health. You need to do some physical activity every day in your life so that you will feel energized. Then you will be able to attract a high-quality woman.

An interview with an Eastern European lady who is married to an Australian man:

ME: As a woman from Eastern Europe, do you like living in Australia?

HER: Australia is very respected internationally because the Australian economy has been growing for 28 years, which is world record. Australian goods and services are high-quality. Australian lifestyle is the best in the world & Australian politics is democratic.

ME: What does your husband do?

HER: He is a local politician. I’ve met many male and female politicians because of his job. They are so inspiring. Men are more transactional, whereas women are more transformational. Men’s leadership style and women’s leadership style are both important. Men are more argumentative, whilst women are there to listen to each other, trying to find a solution.

ME: Why do you admire female politicians?

HER: I think they are very empowered. Women represent 51% of the Australian population, so women’s voices need to be heard in politics. However, many women don’t want to join politics because they don’t want public scrutiny. They don’t want to spend time away from their families. They don’t want to work in an environment which is dominated by men.

ME: My cousin is a young woman who is looking to become a politician. Do you have any advice for her?

HER: Be persistent, because your dream might come true. Julie Bishop spent 15 years in politics before her dream came true.Most things don’t go as what you planned, so always have a Plan B, Plan C and Plan D.Being a politician is a 24/7 job. Julie Bishop is in the 5 am club.Advice: 1) Don’t try to be a man because you don’t want to waste being a woman. 2) Back your judgement; back yourself; have the confidence in your views, in your gut instinct. 3) Mentoring works – find a trusted person. 4) Do take risks. When you are presented with a risk, see it as an opportunity. I would much rather take a risk and fail than sit back for the rest of my life and say “if only”. If you’re presented with something risky, it means you’ve worked hard enough for the opportunity to be presented to you. You need to have courage and logically think through risks and Julie suggests using a pros and cons list to do so. Take risks, calculated risks. See risks as opportunities and don’t fear them. 5) You have to enjoy life. Lead a fabulous life! What is your purpose if you’re not looking forward to what you’re doing every day? This goes for your work life, personal life, family life, everything. You have to make sure whatever you do is something that brings you joy. If you’re not waking up and feeling like you can’t wait to do something, then you need to have a long hard think about what you’re doing.

ME: Thank you for the advice. As an elegant lady from Eastern Europe, do you have any advice on fashion?

HER: Brooches can easily change a boring outfit so that a woman can wear the same outfit again and again (and only change the brooch).Earrings have the same effect. Red shoes are powerful.

ME: You’ve mentioned Julie Bishop for several times. Why do you like her?

HER: Julie Bishop is so smart. Julie uses humor to avoid answering sensitive questions about politics (e.g. what she would do if she became the Prime Minister & whether she is going to be the governor of South Australia). Also, she works really hard. Julie has certainly practiced her public speaking skills because she is very animated, decisive, firm, confident& she pronounces every syllable clearly. She always has a plan beforehand so she knows what she is talking about.

“Eastern European women are caring, nurturing, radiant, feminine and sweet.”