In February 2020, we conducted a major survey and asked what pain points western men have when it comes to dating. The result was very interesting: approximately 60% of western men who joined the survey state that keeping the conversation going when they meet a lady is so hard!

  • When you start a conversation with a Ukrainian woman, you should ask her closed questions.

Usually, a closed question requires a quick and short answer, whilst an open question requires a longer response.

For example, “Do you like coffee or tea?” is a closed question as two choices are offered already; as a result, the lady only needs to say one word.

By contrast, “What’s your future plan?” is an open question as it needs a detailed answer.

As you begin a conversation with a single Ukrainian lady, you would be well-advised to ask her closed questions first so it’s a bit easier for this lady to keep talking. Let me explain.

At the very beginning, you are supposed to make the conversation easy for the lady as women’s first reaction when a man approaches them is actually fear. Truthfully, you are a stranger and she is a beautiful lady. Consequently, before you build trust, she certainly has some fear at this stage.

In Ukrainian culture, ladies were taught not to talk to strangers when they were young. So, it’s your responsibility to make her feel comfortable initially.

  • On a real date with a Ukrainian woman, you should ask her more open questions.

When an elegant Ukrainian lady is on a date with you, you must ask her more open questions so she will further invest in you. For instance, you can ask this lady, “When you were a child, what was your biggest dream?”

This question will help the lady open up and keep her talking as everyone likes talking about themselves. Remember: the key to attract someone special on the first date is to keep that individual talking & listen to them very carefully.

When you are on a date with a lady, you must listen more and talk less. So, the lady will have to invest more in this relationship. The more she invests, the more she will like you. That is psychology.

Now we have some open questions for you to use:

  1. What’s your plan for the new year?
  2. If you can wake up anywhere in this world tomorrow morning, where would you like to wake up?
  3. Why do you want to be a librarian/dancer/flight attendant/etc.?
  4. Which book is your favorite?
  5. Which movie do you like?
  6. Who is your hero?

These open questions will make the lady think more and tell you more about herself as a person.

  • Don’t be a “Year One student”; be a switched-on dater.

There are many dating books on the market, so a lot of men have learned some solid dating techniques nowadays. Yet the issue is most of these guys are “Year One students” instead of competent daters. Let me give you a typical example.

A “Year One student” knows the importance of maintaining eye contact, so when this guy goes out with a single lady from Ukraine, he literally stares at her all the time. No wonder the lady feels awkward.

Now this isn’t hellfire eye contact; it’s just weird. The lady is turned off and she can’t really explain why. But deep down, the lady knows this guy isn’t attractive.

By contrast, a competent dater knows what he should do. Therefore, when he is on a date with a single woman from Ukraine, he looks very natural. Yes, he maintains eye contact with the lady when she is talking. But when he is talking, he occasionally looks away.

  • Be a real man and admit your forgetfulness, please.

Some guys are quite forgetful. For instance, Richard forgot to buy his girlfriend a birthday gift, so at his girlfriend’s birthday party, the awkward moment appeared when his girlfriend had nothing to get from him at the party. As a consequence, Richard secretly left the apartment and came back with an ugly handbag from Target – that was the birthday gift for his girlfriend! It was so embarrassing because her friends and family were there as well!

Clearly, that was not the right handbag his girlfriend would prefer. What’s more, his girlfriend was not keen to accumulate handbags, let alone such an ugly handbag! So, Richard’s girlfriend was upset. Truthfully, it would be much better if Richard could admit how forgetful he was!

So, when the Ukrainian lady you are dating says she likes something (e.g. a CD, a bracelet, etc.), you can write it down in your journal. Also, please write down what you should prepare for each special occasion, e.g. buy her a Taylor Swift’s CD before her birthday; buy her a Tiffany bracelet before Valentine’s Day, and so on.

Your relationship also requires your attention and effort because any romantic relationship needs maintenance – unconditional love doesn’t exist unless it’s the love between a parent and a child.

Remember: you can only get what you give in your love life. Period.

  • Ryan Holiday is right – ego is the enemy.

Business owner wannabe Jamie bragged about his business achievements whenever he went out with his girlfriend. Worse still, whenever they attended a social function or a dinner party, Jamie was bragging about his career success in front of other people, which really made his girlfriend cringe.

Obviously, this relationship couldn’t last long because his girlfriend is an ambitious, capable and smart cookie, whereas Jamie is still a wannabe.

I understand that every guy wants to look good in front of other people. Nevertheless, if you brag about yourself or what you have got, you need to understand that other people are probably not stupid – they can possibly see it through. That is to say, bragging about your non-existent achievements does not work for you.

Most single women from Ukraine are high-value ladies who know their worth and what they deserve. Therefore, if they date someone like Jamie, a loser and a liar, they will leave pretty quickly.

As a strong man, you should work on your real skills and actually achieve something phenomenal in the first place.

Besides, please do not persuade single ladies from Ukraine to do things in your way by offering useless promises that can’t come true.

Some guys assume they can outsmart ladies, so they persuade women by telling ladies what they want to hear in order to achieve some very selfish goals.

For example, Joe didn’t have money to pay for the wedding, so he said to his girlfriend, “Let’s get married, but could you give me $5,000 for the wedding? I’ll return the money to you because all of my relatives from Italy will give me money as gifts when they attend our wedding.”

As his girlfriend is a genuine lady, she gave him $5,000. But Joe didn’t return her money back at all. The story didn’t end here. Please let me explain.

Now that woman has become his ex-wife because she figured out a way to take her money back by milking Joe for several years in other ways.

Hence, the conclusion is: lying to a woman may work once, but a lie can eat you alive in the long term.

“Honesty is always the best policy.”