If you have been reading our blog for quite a while, perhaps you already know that we offer the most honest, candid and straightforward dating advice, especially safe dating advice for men who are looking to meet and date foreign women that are more feminine, traditional and beautiful.

Are you a good conversationalist?

Growth-driven men tend to love reading because they highly value knowledge and education. So, if you’ve read some books about communication skills and human dynamics, maybe you have some great conversation skills already.

Now I’m going to introduce one simple but effective technique to you: When you’re talking to an elegant woman, just build on her conversational links, which will make you feel calmer. I mean whenever the elegant lady says something, you simply find links in it to extend the conversation and build a rapport as well as connection with this elegant lady. When you extend the conversation according to the links from what she has said, you are supposed to focus on talking about what she is interested in rather than talking about yourself or focusing on something negative. Please have a look at this example here:

MAN: “Are you a traveler?”

WOMAN: “No, I’m from here. I’m a local resident.”

MAN: “I envy you so much, as local people in this area can sufficiently enjoy everything this beautiful city has to offer. You must really love this city because you have been living here for such a long time. What do you do?”

WOMAN: “I’m a librarian.”

MAN: “Oh, but you don’t look like a librarian at all. I thought librarians are more traditional and look serious, but you dress in a very stylish way. Do you have any interesting hobbies?”

WOMAN: “I like art, music and movies.”

MAN: “That’s why you look so interesting and artistic. You are clearly more creative than most librarians.”

From this example, we can see the conversation goes very smoothly as the guy uses the woman’s conversational links and he can relate to her reality. In her inner dialogue, she is thinking: “Wow. This guy truly understands me.” As a result, she will want to build a connection with this man – he stands out from the crowd instantly, whilst most men would only want to focus on themselves instead of the elegant lady.

Safe dating advice for modern men: How to dance with a woman

Let’s say you attend a wedding as a guest and you meet a large number of single women who are looking for love. In that case, you probably have to dance with a lady at the wedding. But do you know how to dance with a woman elegantly? Now let me show you how! I’m pretty sure this process is the right safe dating advice for men:

#1. Dance to the music and have a good time by yourself first. At the initial stage, you need to show women that you truly love the music so women will feel it’s perfectly fine to get closer to you.

#2. Use eye contact / a smile to connect with an elegant lady who is also dancing to the music, and see whether she reciprocates. If she reciprocates, you can dance opposite each other and keep holding eye contact.

#3. Introduce yourself to this lady so she knows you are communicating with her verbally as well. Now she will want to know more about you as a person.

#4. Dance opposite each other & offer your hands. Keep holding eye contact and dancing to the music.

#5. You lead the dance and slow down gradually so you can get closer to each other. Please check her reaction now. If she likes you, you can give her a kiss on the cheek and touch her hair. If she smiles at you after that, you can kiss her lips. If she is really into it, you know you can start a relationship with her now.

Trust me. I’ve studied and analyzed lots of romantic films in order to summarize these steps above and I hope you find this information helpful and beneficial. If you follow those steps (safe dating advice), women will like you and respect you because you can read the situation so accurately.

How to know if an elegant lady is interested in you or not:

No matter you meet a single woman at someone’s wedding or you meet a woman in a social context, you have to read a woman like an open book. This is a super important and powerful skill that every alpha male must have. (Yes, I said “must”, not “should”.)

Now I’d like to show you some typical signs that tell you whether an elegant lady likes you:

#1. She asks you questions. If she says something along the lines of, “What’s your name?” it’s an indication of interest as she is already curious about you and wants to know more about you.

#2. She touches her neck or her hair. When you are talking to a woman and she touches her hair or her neck, that means she is attracted to you and is showing her vulnerable side in front of you. A normal woman wants to look pretty and feminine when she is talking to a guy she likes.

#3. She provides longer answers to your questions when she doesn’t have to. Now she is investing in the interaction and trying to get your attention or impress you.

#4. She begins to use more open body language while dancing with you. That means she is comfortable with you now.

Once you can read a lady like an open book and understand her indication of interest, you have understood our safe dating advice and can implement what you’ve read today in your love life from now on. Congratulations!

The ultimate safe dating advice: how to use the “push-pull” technique correctly

In the “push-pull” technique, “push” refers to getting closer to a lady and becoming more intimate, and “pull” means becoming slightly disinterested.

Note that the “push-pull” technique is not “playing hard to get”. “Playing hard to get” refers to pretending to be a bit disinterested, which misses the point – you have to mix up an interaction by giving a lady an emotional roller-coaster ride.

Let’s say you’ve already built a connection with an elegant lady – you should let her invest in you now. You may ask her, “Do you have beautiful female friends?” When the lady hears that, she will want to prove that she is more beautiful than her friends and that’s exactly what you want in the dynamics.

Another scenario is you say, “You are probably too young for me” (e.g. you are 40 and she is 20). If she likes you enough, she will prove that she is sophisticated and mature enough to be with you. This technique is also known as disqualification, i.e. you disqualify her so she wants to show you how qualified she actually is.

“Safe dating advice indicates that you need to read the dynamics correctly and take action accordingly.”