There are many high-value women in this world, and it is your responsibility to meet them and attract them. Before you date a high-value lady, you need to make sure you are a high-value guy first.

  • The best safer dating advice: becoming an alpha man.

High-value women like alpha men. Now you may want to ask yourself whether you have these qualities below:

  1. The ability to re-calibrate well in interactions with women
  2. The skills to be a true leader in a romantic relationship
  3. Core confidence backed up by real competence
  4. A strong presence without taking up too much space

Normally, a real alpha man has all of these traits (think Don Draper). Okay, I will explain the above-mentioned qualities in detail.

  • How to re-calibrated well in social interactions with women:

High-value women are socially savvy ladies; therefore, you must have good social intelligence if you are looking to date high-quality women. Basically, that means you need to know how other people around you feel at all times, so that you can adjust what you say / do. You have to understand human dynamics so as to navigate any social situation.

If you are not sure what to do, you may read some books on this topic. There are also many online programs that you can take in order to improve your social skills. Then you will become a very well-calibrated man who attracts high-value women. Always invest in yourself first because you would be well-advised to fill your own cup first – the best way to fill your own cup is to invest in your education. That’s the most important safer dating advice.

  • How to be a leader in a romantic relationship:

Alpha men are decision-makers who call the shots. If you’re dating a high-quality woman, you should lead and make decisions in this relationship. Remember: certainty is attractive. For instance, whenever you are talking to high-value women, you can practice decisiveness and be a natural leader. Try to use more statements and ask fewer questions in your conversations with elegant ladies. Use the falling tone more often than the rising tone when you are talking. Don’t talk too fast. Slow down and introduce pauses at times while maintaining eye contact with a woman when you are on a date. This can build attraction quickly because you are comfortable with silence and your date will want to invest more in this interaction as she wants to keep the conversation going. Now the pressure is on her – she has to prove herself to you and try to impress you. And that’s exactly what you want. When women notice that you are a true leader, they will like you more.

Sadly, modern western culture makes men weak by promoting feminism too much. But if you are able to establish yourself as an alpha male, there is still hope.

  • How to have internal confidence backed up by competence:

This is probably the most valuable safer dating advice because you will benefit from this information not only in your love life, but also in other areas of your life.

In general, if you keep improving your communication skills, you will enhance your competence, and then you can become confident at core level. The fact that you’re reading this blog already means you want to improve yourself.

Meanwhile, you can keep working on your self-beliefs as a very strong sense of self-belief is important. For instance, you can affirm your worth by writing down affirmations and trusting yourself.

  • How to have a strong physical presence without taking up too much space:

When you enter the room, you should own the room. But meanwhile, you are not supposed to have big movements in the room. After some practice in social contexts, you will hone your skills in this regard. For example, as a man, when you sit down, you can spread yourself out (that’s Don Draper’s body language). When you’re standing, you should stand with your feet slightly wider apart than is natural, so your legs can feel totally rooted. Always move your head slowly & talk clearly. You will look more high-status in this way.

Besides, it’s important to hold eye contact with women when you are talking to them because you must show your respect and your confidence at the same time.

Apart from that, you would be well-advised to improve your personal grooming and fashion as high-value women will notice your fashion quickly. Usually, high-value ladies are fashion-conscious, so they expect their men to be presentable, too.

In terms of men’s fashion, safer dating advice would suggest that you should invest in the right stuff, i.e. buy quality, not quantity. For a man, the most important fashion item is a good pair of shoes. Let me put it this way: You spend almost 16 hours per day in your shoes – why don’t you invest in a good pair of shoes? Also, good shoes make your outfit look good instantly. Even if you wear a cheap outfit, a good pair of shoes can make your clothes look more expensive. But if you wear an expensive outfit and terrible shoes, the entire look is ruined immediately.

Next, you should buy a high-quality jacket, especially if it’s wintertime. In my opinion, your pants and shirt are not as important as your jacket. Safer dating advice would argue that once your jacket and shoes look great, your fashion is upgraded already.

Finally, please don’t wear boring, generic clothes. In my view, your outfit needs to have some funky touches and interesting details. Then you can stand out from the crowd fast. Having said that, you shouldn’t over-accessorize.

Oh, never forget your haircut, as your haircut is the first thing people will notice when they meet you for the first time. Just get the best haircut you are able to afford. Alternatively, you can get a consultation about which hairstyle suits your hair type and your face shape in a high-end salon, and then get the exact haircut in a cheaper salon. In fact, you just need to get this consultation once, and then you can use the information forever.

Safer dating advice would also claim that an ambitious man should act “as if”. That means if you are still trying to learn how to be an alpha guy, you must look like and act like you’re already comfortable with women and successful now. So, wash your hair, brush your teeth, remove the dirt under your nails, use aftershave or cologne in the right way (but not too much), shine your leather shoes and look at yourself in the mirror before you go out.

A fashion journalist once told me that a guy can try rolling his sleeves up & unbuttoning his top buttons, then he looks more attractive instantly. In reality, people like Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt and Keanu Reeves are great role models in movies. You can imitate their styles and dress for success!

“Our safer dating advice teaches men to prepare well before each date so that men will be respected by women.”