Over 50 dating is a great experience because there are so many opportunities to explore on online dating sites these days. Yet many senior singles haven’t been in the dating scene for a long time, as these people were married for years, and now, they are divorced. Oftentimes, getting a divorce is the right thing to do & a marriage that has ended isn’t necessarily a bad marriage. If you are a senior dater looking for love online, this article will give you the right dating advice!

  • Dating over 50 is probably easier for men.

Statistics indicate that there are many more single ladies than single men when people are above 50 years old. Also, ladies’ life span is usually longer; as a result, there are definitely more single ladies than single men after 65 years old. Apparently, senior dating is usually easier for men as men can meet many mature ladies on a senior dating site and choose the right candidate.

Apart from that, there are many Eastern European mail-order brides who are under 40 and they are looking to marry western men who are older than them. For example, UkraineBridesAgency.com is a reputable and trustworthy international dating site which introduces Eastern European brides to western men online. If you are an older guy looking for a younger wife, you can try this dating service – they also help men organize trips to Ukraine and meet their ladies in person.

  • You can meet potential candidates via URL and IRL.

In modern-day society, almost all singles are on dating sites or dating apps because internet dating has become mainstream already. However, many senior singles would like to meet someone suitable in real life (IRL) as well. If you also prefer offline dating, you can join salsa dance classes, cruise trips, book clubs, and so on. These places usually have many other senior singles who are also looking for love. Better still, when you and your potential partner share the same interests, that’s the right match!

If you are divorced and you still can’t move on, I’d like to encourage you to change your focus and become a better version of yourself. Remember: whatever you focus on grows! If you focus on issues, your issues will grow. Hence, you would be well-advised to focus on solutions instead.

Likewise, if you focus on your past, you are still living in the past and time has wings. Note that your past doesn’t even exist, for it only exists in your head. So, please do not waste years of your precious life dwelling on your painful past.

You should focus on becoming the best version of yourself so other people will want to date you. Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do I need to work on my grooming?
  2. Do I know how to dress up?
  3. Do I need to learn some dating skills?
  4. How can I have more high-value friends?
  5. How can I be happily in love again?

Please note that it’s okay to stay friends with your ex because you and your ex aren’t supposed to be enemies, all right? Donald Trump and his ex-wives are still good friends. When his first wife remarried, Donald Trump walked her down the aisle! Kate Winslet and her ex are still close friends as well.

If you have kids from a previous relationship, you’d better stay friends with your ex so your children are able to have a positive environment. Besides, who doesn’t want to have one more friend? You and your ex loved each other, so of course you can be civil and friendly to each other.

Jennifer Aniston once said, “My previous marriages were successful. We ended our marriages as we chose happiness which didn’t exist in a marriage sometimes.” That’s very empowering. Indeed, individuals gain a lot from their previous marriages which didn’t last forever. Love has a life and it can die – that’s very normal.

As a mature dater, you don’t believe in fairy tales anymore; you know it’s normal to get divorced and it doesn’t necessarily mean your previous marriage is bad. Truthfully, most marriages added good value to individuals, even though not every marriage can last forever. Thus, these marriages are still meaningful.

  • The success rate on senior dating websites is higher than the success rate on other dating sites.

Since internet dating is not a taboo topic these days, many mainstream dating sites are doing well. But compared with senior dating sites, mainstream dating websites aren’t the best when it comes to the success rate, for most mainstream dating sites are more about speed (less about quality).

A handsome man on a mainstream dating site can get more than 200 matches per week; consequently, this guy is probably not spending time looking at each candidate’s profile very carefully. Nonetheless, senior citizens looking for love usually spend much more time reading each candidate’s profile because senior citizens are generally more patient.

Besides, as senior citizens usually have a lot of experience in life, they possess a more profound understanding of dating and relationships. That’s why mature people tend to know how to manage their love lives – no wonder the success rate on senior dating sites is much higher.

Love has everything to do with personality and has nothing to do with age. No matter you are 19 or 91, you are entitled to true love as you only have one life. So, a growing number of senior citizens are starting a new chapter in their lives in their golden years. Yes, dating after 60 is enlightening and satisfying when you know how to do it properly. Love always keeps you young at heart, doesn’t it?

  • The most important safer dating advice for senior citizens: you may consider signing a pre-nup before you remarry.

Falling in love in your 50s or 60s is certainly a beautiful thing. Yet, you must know how to protect yourself financially. Because most senior citizens have a significant amount of wealth in their golden years, they should invest in solid legal advice and evaluate how they can protect their wealth before get married again. So, signing a pre-nup is a wise move at this stage in your life!

Apart from that, you might want to re-write your Will as well. Your lawyer should be able to check your Will again before you get married in your golden years. I understand that you are probably not thinking of your Will right now as you are so madly in love with someone attractive. Nonetheless, if you have children and you want your children to have your wealth in future, you must rewrite your Will as soon as possible. Actually, your new spouse is certainly entitled to half of your wealth if this relationship falls apart, for your new spouse is in your Will automatically, according to the family law in most western countries. Thus, you need to consult a good lawyer and rewrite your Will before you remarry, okay?

“Senior dating is commonplace in this day and age, so if you are a senior single looking for love, you should try online dating today.”