We live in a digital age, so every dater must master the art of texting, right? Let’s get started!

  • Text an Eastern European woman and build chemistry with the help of your thumbs.

You would be well-advised to text a woman once a day at least & you can disappear for a day or even two days at the beginning of a relationship. That is simply a tease. Yes, you are supposed to be persistent, yet at the same time, you need to give a woman some space as well as time to think about you, too. Therefore, the ideal strategy is to text a woman each day and then suddenly disappear for a little while so she will have the opportunity to think of you.

Because most women from Eastern Europe are relatively shy, they probably wouldn’t text you first when you disappear. In this regard, they aren’t very proactive, so that will keep them thinking about you non-stop.

That being said, please do not disappear for more than 2 days as she shouldn’t forget you!

Another strategy is not to reply to her text messages too fast. When a lady sends a message to you, please do not respond too quickly. You may wait for 25 minutes and reply a message. This action can create anticipation so the woman looks forward to your response. Now you behave like a high-value man with his own colorful and exciting life. Or you indicate that you are busy at work.

If you reply immediately, you may look like someone who has too much time. So, you’d better let her know indirectly that you have a wonderful life that she wants to be a part of.

Further, if she asks you multiple questions in one message, please do not answer all her questions. You can leave 1 or even 2 questions unanswered, which will make her think of you, too. You will look more interesting and mysterious in this way, which makes her want to see you even more!

Because most Eastern European women’s first language isn’t English, you should use your best English when you communicate with them. Please never use words such as ‘cos’ and ‘C U’ because these words only lower your standards. Make sure that you use your best English at all times so that it’s easier for Eastern European ladies to understand you. Also, using your best English shows your intelligence and your education as well. So, why not?

By the way, you may use certain high-level words like ‘leverage’ and ‘strategize’ in your texts. That will make her feel slightly challenged and keep her a bit off-balance, which further builds attraction. 😉 When she needs to look up a word in a dictionary, she will want to match your standards! That’s exactly what you want in this relationship, right?

Please note that ladies from Eastern Europe generally admire western men as when they were young, they studied English at school as a subject – kids who did well at that time were regarded as clever.

Last but not least, you should learn how to use emoticons on the phone. It’s perfectly fine to send her a wink or even a kiss so that the lady’s imagination can go wild.

  • The truth about confidence:

In dating and relationships, real confidence is always backed up by true competence. Truthfully, faking external confidence isn’t hard. However, internal confidence cannot be faked.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying external confidence is useless. Actually, external confidence is also quite important because the way you look, the way you walk and the way you carry yourself can influence the impact you have when you are attracting an Eastern European lady. Yes, the initial attraction is built by your external confidence. Look, without external confidence, a woman isn’t going to look at your internal confidence, okay?

In other words, your external confidence is the gatekeeper!

But if you’d like to have core confidence, you have to have enough competence. Are you a competent dater?

It’s time to develop your real competence by honing your skills and acquiring more knowledge. Most guys avoid talking about their love lives with others, but research shows that a man’s happiness is generally determined by the quality of his love life instead of his career. Does that surprise you?

Indeed, a career may give you a sense of achievement and satisfaction. Nevertheless, if you have no one to share your huge success with, why do you want to be successful in the first place?

Relationship experts argue that the real reason why guys are eager to become wildly successful is because they want to attract high-quality women. They fundamentally know women like successful men.

Incidentally, your external confidence can influence your internal confidence, too. That means when you dress well, you also behave better because your outfit may influence how you feel! Okay. It’s time to throw away your boring and dull clothes & build a new wardrobe. Get rid of those reasons why you can’t wear nice clothes, okay? When I say a new closet, I’m not saying your clothes must be expensive; I mean your clothes must be right.

Personally, I invest in high-quality fashion as I examine cost per wear. A high-quality jacket may cost me US$400, yet it lasts for ten years. By contrast, a low-quality jacket from Kmart is cheap (US$40), but it may last for several months only.

At the same time, I get so much confidence, pride and joy when I wear a high-quality jacket. But a jacket from Kmart doesn’t excite me at all.

  • The most important safe dating advice: your frame VS her frame

No matter you are dating an Eastern European woman or a western woman, you should always avoid being in a woman’s frame.

You are a man, so you are supposed to be the leader in a relationship. You either lead or be misled!

Therefore, don’t let a woman dictate or dominate the relationship. You should be her leader and the ultimate decision maker in this relationship.

Founder of Quest Nutrition Tom Bilyeu is happily married to Lisa Bilyeu, a very elegant and intelligent lady from the UK. When they got married, Tom told Lisa that they will discuss things before making important decisions. But if they disagree with each other, Lisa would listen to Tom’s advice and follow his guidance, meaning Tom makes decisions!

Obviously, Tom Bilyeu will never lose his frame because he avoids being in a woman’s frame. That’s a very empowered and powerful man. No wonder he is so successful in every way.

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“Men work hard because they fundamentally understand that women do not want to date losers.”