People who have mastered communication skills always stand out on online dating websites – they can attract the right candidates fast and make the first date unforgettable!

  • How to have effective interactions with her:

When it comes to both online dating and offline dating, many men wonder how to ask women out for dates. Here are some ideas for you:

  • If your interaction with a woman just got started, you can say this to her, “I’m going to XYZ Coffeehouse this Friday afternoon. The music there is seriously perfect. Would you like to join me?” Because you’ve mentioned “the music there is seriously perfect”, this woman has another reason to go to XYZ Coffeehouse with you – she wants to enjoy the music there, too! In other words, you are leveraging the advantage of the venue to make her want to see you.
  • If you’ve been chatting with a woman for some time, you can say this to her, “I’m going to XYZ Coffeehouse this Friday afternoon. The music there is seriously perfect. I think you should come.” This can be used when you are not 100% sure if this woman will come. “I think” indicates a suggestion.
  • If you know this woman is very interested in you, you can say this to her, “I’m going to XYZ Coffeehouse this Friday afternoon. The music there is seriously perfect. You should totally come.” Now you are more assertive. 😉
  • When you are about to ask a woman out, don’t ask “What’s your schedule like this week?” Just say, “I’m going to ABC this weekend. XYZ there is very cool. Would you like to join me?” Then she will say whether she can come on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Remember: You are supposed to be the leader of the interaction.
  • In order to be more effective and efficient, you should sell one idea at a time. Let’s say you are selling two ideas: A) You want a romantic relationship rather than a friendship only. B) You would like to have a date with a woman that you like. When you chat with a woman, you need to make sure that both of you are on the same page, so you should find out whether she wants to have a romantic relationship. After confirming that she also wants to build a serious relationship, you can ask her out for a date. This is usually more important on dating websites where some people are not But on, we have already interviewed every single Eastern European lady in our office before adding her profile to our database. Therefore, you know every lady on our online dating site is looking for a serious relationship with foreign man.


    • You don’t really need to ask “What are you looking for in a relationship?” every time you interact with a woman because not every woman knows what she wants. I mean yes, every woman knows she wants a relationship, but not everyone knows exactly what they want in reality. Also, some women logically think they want X, but realistically, they actually want Y. As a result, you’d better tactfully tell women what you can offer and what they are supposed to offer (without being too specific) & ask if they are happy with that. If they are happy with that and their responses are very positive, you know that’s also what they are looking for in a relationship.

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  • Should you mirror and match the timing of the other person’s messages?

A gentleman asked me, “When messaging or texting should I mirror or match the timing of the other person’s message? For example, if they text me 20 minutes later, should I then do the same to avoid looking desperate or something?”

My answer: Mirroring or matching the timing of the other person’s message is not as important as what you actually say & your tone. You need to focus on how you say things. You may read these two books: 1) Mark Manson’s book Models: Attract women through honesty; 2) Richard la Ruina’s book The Natural. Although Richard’s book is more about how to approach women in nightclubs, the principles and female psychology are still useful.

“Frankly, if you are a good writer, online dating gives you an advantage because texting is similar to writing.”