You are a nice person. I’ve enjoyed spending time with you…” (I’ve heard something like this several times in my life. Usually, it’s followed by a marriage proposal / a breakup speech … or it means I’m fired by my boss.) Almost everyone has to go through at least 1 breakup in life, so let me give you a breakup guide! 🌷

  • Acknowledge your feelings.

If you feel upset, lonely, or sad after a draining breakup, accept your feelings. It’s natural to feel that way, although it’s unpleasant.

The next step is to focus on your health. Be sure to sleep well, eat well and do some kind of exercise every day. 

When you take care of your physical health, it’s a bit easier to manage your feelings. That’s when you start to find some strength and avoid the victim mentality. Every day, do something for yourself – cook a delicious meal / watch a movie / listen to your favorite playlist….

No matter what, please do not contact your ex! I would say in the first 4 months you shouldn’t contact your ex at all unless there is a legitimate reason why you have to keep in touch with your ex.

To help you feel better, you may get social – start a new hobby so that you can meet new people. This also helps you to work on your self-esteem because when you do something new, you keep learning. Your new competence improves your confidence and your self-esteem. 🌸

Don’t forget to set new goals for your life. Are you going to change careers? Would you like to start a business? Do you have a fitness goal?

start dating again

  • Are you ready to start dating again?

You don’t have to be perfectly happy before you start dating again. You just need to be relaxed, open-minded and optimistic. 🌺

Meanwhile, please do not have very high expectations. I mean your standards should be high, but your expectations shouldn’t be high. Just be curious and see what happens!

When you have neutral expectations, you can relax a bit more and focus on going out with someone that you are curious about. In this way, you might even find dating quite motivating. Of course, you may need to have the right people around you to give you some extra encouragement. However, sometimes you can’t have the right friendships in life – Maybe people around you get coupled up. Perhaps some friendships gradually drift apart already. Some friends are just unsupportive – you need new friends. 🌼

Interestingly, when you join new activities, you meet new people organically, thereby making new friends. If you do this often, you will have candidates that may satisfy your love life. 

Whenever you meet someone new, please do not judge too fast. Always give the person you are dating some time so you have the opportunity to discover interesting qualities in that person. 😊

Yes, when you give someone else an opportunity, you are also giving yourself an opportunity. The Law of Reciprocity works every time, doesn’t it?

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“If you are ready to start dating again, don’t forget to read at least one dating book.”