A good date is characterized by high-quality conversations. Usually, fabulous topics fall into three categories: A) Fun & funny things which take her back to the high school playground; B) emotive topics; C) logistics, e.g., making plans for the weekend. When you introduce these three themes to a date, she will feel more connected. Women highly value connection with men. That’s how they fall in love.

  • The right topics for a safe date:

When you are on a date with a woman, please avoid talking about “the sales funnel” and “the annual report”. Actually, you may talk about how your coworkers communicate with each other in the workplace, the end-of-year Christmas dinner with your colleagues, and so forth. Having said that, if a woman is keen to discuss her work, you can let her do it. Perhaps she has an emotional reason for her excitement about her work. For instance, maybe she does something that genuinely satisfies her. (I know a woman who was a university professor before the pandemic and has become a retail sales consultant due to COVID-19. It turns out that this career change is the best thing that she has ever done because she didn’t want to be in the education industry forever – she had a voice injury several years ago and was planning on leaving the education industry for quite a while, and the pandemic has forced the university to make her redundant. Therefore, she became a retail sales consultant in a fashion store which she really likes – she is a fashionista. As her retail job requires social skills, negotiation skills and numeracy skills, it is indeed the right job for her.) Well, if the lady that you are dating wants to talk about her job, it means she is very excited about her work, which is good news. Nevertheless, if she indicates that her job is boring, you may say something along the lines of, “Truthfully, you seem to be a bit tired when you talk about your work. Frankly, I never saw you as an accountant. When I saw you for the first time, I actually thought you are very creative and artistic. Would you like to consider doing something more interesting?” In this way, you can turn a dull topic into an inspiring topic instantly. Now this woman will feel connected to you because she feels closer to you immediately. Basically, you should get your lady to discuss things that she cares about. When this strategy is implemented properly, your communication will be more effective. Meanwhile, she will care about you more as you genuinely care about her.

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  • Observe the lady’s tone and body language.

Realistically, only one part of the conversation is through what people say. The rest of the conversation is through tone as well as body language. Imagine talking about the fashion show that you’ve been to. In this case, if the lady’s response is short, it means she doesn’t like fashion shows very much, even though you might assume most women like fashion shows. Therefore, you need to change the subject quickly. That’s how to be a well-calibrated, savvy dater! Nonetheless, if this lady’s response is long and her tone is passionate, it means she likes fashion. Then you can ask her why she is so interested in fashion. Now I’d like to share with you several common reasons why most ladies like fashion: A) She never had nice clothes to wear in her childhood; B) she likes artistic expression; C) she is very creative. Remember to be flexible: If you talk about something that may bore a woman (cars, cell phones, etc.) but her eyes light up all of a sudden, you can totally talk about this topic more and forget limiting rules on the date.

Fully understanding what clients want is key to effective marketing. Similarly, truly knowing what a woman wants is key to effective internet dating. That means being a good communicator is all right, and being a purposeful communicator is even better! If you listen to a woman carefully, you will be able to identify her trance words. That’s how you get her to open up and gradually fall in love with you. For instance, if a woman says, “I’m looking for someone who is reliable to build a long-term, serious relationship.” From now on, you need to use anecdotes to indicate that you are a reliable guy. Also, you have to let her know that you are serious.

 “Do you have good listening skills?”