Everyone lives in the modern society where people are always checking their smart phones. A song is shorter than 5 minutes and the viral videos on social media are shorter than 20 seconds. When individuals’ attention span is so short, finding true love becomes harder as most individuals are not patient. Nonetheless, you can date a high-value Eastern European woman even in this fast-paced society.

  • Your external confidence can boost your inner confidence.

Have you ever noticed that when you wear a great outfit, your gestures become more confident? Abraham Hicks says that Law of Attraction is actually about feeling good before wonderful things happen.

Likewise, when you dress really well, you become more confident immediately. The way you talk, the way you walk & the way you carry yourself are strongly influenced by the external confidence that you project. This layer of confidence attracts female attention instantly as ladies are also very visual. When they see an attractive guy who looks amazing, they will surely pay full attention to you.

When you go out for a date with an Eastern European woman, remember to end the date at its highlight. If the first date is too long, it will be boring. However, if you end it when it’s still exciting, she will look forward to seeing you again soon.

For example, when you and an Eastern European lady are talking about art while sitting in a coffeehouse, you may say this to her, “Let’s go to the art gallery near here and have a look at some gorgeous paintings.” And you take her to the gallery, thereby adding some flavors to this date quickly.

When you and the lady are in the art gallery, you can look at the paintings for about 10 or 15 minutes, and you say this to her, “This is beautiful. I have to go now. Nice meeting you.”

Each time she sees that art gallery, she will think about you. What’s more, if art is also her passion, she will really want to see you again very soon. Now she has very positive associations with meeting you as you have connected with her at an emotional level. Motivations as well as emotions are key in dating and relationships.

In my opinion, the best first date should last for about 40-50 minutes, partly because if it’s great, you have to end it at its highlight so she will want more, and partly because if it isn’t great, you need to leave fast anyway.😊

Eastern European woman

  • Find an Eastern European girlfriend by design.

My friend Artur met his girlfriend by design:

Artur is an engineer with a wildly successful career. When he was in his late 30s, he was keen to get married as he wanted to have children. Thus, he attended various parties in order to meet different people, including Eastern European women.

When he was at a party which was organized by his neighbor. He saw a beautiful lady standing next to his neighbor. This woman is his neighbor’s best friend.

As Artur and his neighbor were on the balcony, Artur asked his neighbor, “What does the woman in a pink dress do?”

She is a music teacher,” his neighbor replied.

5 minutes later, Artur joined the group conversation and then said, “Indeed, having hobbies keeps us mentally stimulated. My hobby is music. I’m always interested in learning music systematically.”

Now the lady in a pink dress started to be interested in Artur as Artur said he wanted to learn music systematically. So, they started to talk and exchanged their telephone numbers.

A few days later, Artur asked this Eastern European lady out for a coffee date.

As I’m writing this post now, Artur and his lady are married.

Artur met his wife by design rather than by default!

“If you look confident, people wouldn’t even know that you literally crashed a party.”