When you know you have tried your best, at least you can sleep at night. What keeps you awake at night is knowing you didn’t even put yourself out there. Have you taken enough risks in your love life?


  • You need to overcome fear first.

The root cause of all anxieties is fear. Now let’s find out how to beat fear!

Step 1: Understand that fear and love cannot co-exist. When you have some kind of fear, it usually means you are focusing on things that you don’t want rather than things that you love. I’d like you to carefully think about things that you truly love. When you focus on these things, fear cannot dominate your thoughts.

Step 2: Find out what you are grateful for. Don’t take things for granted. I’m pretty sure that you can find many things you are grateful for right now. When you fully feel the gratitude, fear cannot occupy a big part of your brain anymore.

Step 3: Appreciate everyone, everything. Actually, appreciation is more powerful than gratitude because appreciation means you don’t have to get something first in order to be happy – you can still be appreciative even if other people haven’t contributed anything to your life. Can you appreciate their personality, their attitude or even their fashion?

Step 4: Listen to your inner leader. Whenever you have fear, oftentimes it’s because your inner worrier is making you anxious. So, you have to awaken your inner leader that can give you the courage you need. An example:

Worrier: “Oh. That woman will laugh at me if I make a mistake.”

Leader: “Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.”


  • Before taking a risk while dating safely, read this.

Your life is programmed by your habits. If you add these three habits to your life, transformation will happen in record time.

The first habit is to read a book a month. Most people don’t read books because they are busy watching movies on Netflix. So, if you are an avid reader, you literally have an unfair advantage. I know this sounds very obvious, but common sense isn’t always common practice. People are different because they have different information and resources.

The second habit is to do a physical exercise that you actually enjoy. Stop going to the gym if you don’t really like it. If you like dancing, just go dancing. If you like playing with young children in the park, do that! When the physical exercise is joyful, both your body and your mind will benefit from this habit.

The third habit is to do something that scares you every day. This doesn’t have to be something huge. It can be initiating a conversation with a stranger at a networking event. It can also be approaching a woman you are attracted to. This is the single most effective way to expand your comfort zone! And success is always outside of your comfort zone.

Sometimes, it’s not easy to believe in yourself, particularly if question your self-worth. But there are several ways to make you strongly believe in yourself.

The first action you need to take is to write down a list of your past accomplishments. These are the evidence that shows you are a high-value person. Now look at this list very carefully and identify what you’ve done successfully repeatedly. In this way, you will know your key skills.

Now you know your strengths, so from now on, you will double down on your strengths. Find various ways to leverage your key skills so that you will keep achieving more. The results will help you strongly believe in yourself.

No one will value you more than you value yourself, so you must strongly believe in yourself and know your self-worth.

“Five signs you have met the one: The first sign is you feel at peace with that person because you genuinely agree with each other’s worldview. The second sign is that person is the first one you want to call when you have good news. The third sign is you have the same values. The fourth sign is you don’t feel anxious or worried when you are with this person. The fifth sign is you have a shared vision.”