If you haven’t had a rejection yet, it only means you haven’t tried your best – so far, you’ve been reaching for the low-hanging fruit. Stress management is very important in uncertain times, so how can we manage stress effectively? Today’s safe dating advice will reveal the answer.

  • Lower your stress, improve your love life and your future:

The first stress management technique that I’d like to share with you is to stop ruminating. Not every type of stress is bad. Sometimes stress can be positive because it’s a huge motivator. But when stress causes anxiety, it becomes negative, so when this happens, you need to stop ruminating first. Rumination is the cornerstone of anxiety. Identify an issue that you are ruminating about. Now what you need to do is to not try to solve it. This is just like stopping solving a math problem or getting off a treadmill. The second stress management technique that I’m sharing with you is to be well-organized. Write down everything that you have to do in your diary and then do one thing at a time. If there are too many things on your to-do list, ask yourself these questions: Question 1: Does this have to be done? Question 2: Does this have to be done today? Question 3: Can someone else do this? These three questions will help you minimize your to-do list and reduce the stress in your life!

Because the human brain has negativity bias which keeps us safe, things of a more negative nature have a greater effect on people’s psychological state than neutral or positive things. Consequently, it’s not easy to stay positive during difficult times. Now I’d like to share with you three ways to stay positive during the toughest times. The first strategy is to ask yourself, “Will this matter in 5 years?” I know many things are very, very difficult. But a lot of those things won’t matter in 5 years. Let’s say your workplace is very competitive, so your colleagues stabbed you in the back. The pain is tremendous, but I’m pretty sure this probably won’t matter in 5 years. The second strategy is to reframe the situation. How you think about a tough situation is everything because everything is your perception. Ask yourself, “What can I control? What can I improve?” Find steps you can take to change the circumstances. Mentally reframing the situation and taking action will surely help you stay positive. The third strategy is to give yourself a lot of time. Don’t overcommit to other people. Spend more time doing what really makes you feel positive. This can be having a massage or more sleep. When you dare to rest, you will stay positive effortlessly.

  • Minimize noises in your life, and your love life will get better, too.


The modern-day society is full of noises everywhere. Most people are interrupted by noises frequently every single day. But the good news is you can eliminate noises in your life.

The first way to eliminate noises in your life is to switch off all notifications on your phone and your computer. You don’t need to listen to every email notification. You can simply check your email once a day and deal with each email once only.

The second way to eliminate noises in your life is to uninstall most apps on your phone. Yes, I said “most apps”, not “some apps”. Too many apps are wasting your time, so you need to audit all your apps and delete the noisy & useless ones. Only keep essential apps on your phone.

The third way to eliminate noises in your life is to set boundaries with other people. Let’s say you are working on your dating profile and you’ve told your mom to look after the pets for one hour. If your mom wants to ask you what’s for dinner, you have to tell your mom that she cannot interrupt you when you are working on the business plan.

“When you reduce noises in your life, you will have more clarity – you will be able to protect yourself better and practice safe dating.”