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  • Why is friendship so important?


In reality, a romantic relationship is actually based on romance. That is to say, when romance is absent, the relationship ends.

Meanwhile, a business partnership is mostly based on mutual benefits. In other words, without mutual benefits, the business partnership is over.

However, a friendship is a high-level relationship, as it is not based on mutual benefits or romance. It is totally based on the same value system, genuine care for each other and mutual respect. Realistically, you cannot choose your family. Your friends are the family that you choose to have in your life based on your values. As a result, friendship is the most valuable relationship in the world. This is not an exaggeration.

Before looking for love, I would encourage you to find friendship. When you value friendship, you would cherish the connection, which will surely help you to understand human relationships better before starting a romantic relationship. 👬

Do you have close friends that you absolutely respect? 👭

Do you have female friends that you care about? 👫

how to find love

how to find love

  • The foundation of a romantic relationship is definitely a friendship.


I know some couples merely talk about logistics in life, e.g., when to check the letterbox, what time they should pick up their children, etc. In actuality, they are not even good friends. Small wonder the divorce rate is super high these days. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

The real foundation of a romantic relationship is actually a friendship. When the friendship is strong and solid, the romantic relationship is healthy. 💞

Therefore, I strongly believe that a meaningful romantic relationship should begin from a real friendship! 🌻


  • Network = net worth


During uncertain times like the COVID-19 pandemic, a large number of individuals must change their careers. People who have options are those who have a high-value network, meaning they are resilient individuals in the current economy because they have a big network who can introduce new job opportunities to them. 💐

By the way, it’s not really about who you know. It’s about who knows you. Here is why –

Let’s say you know Tony, the boss of XYZ Company. But this doesn’t really mean you are able to ask him to employ you when you are unemployed.

However, if Simon the boss of ABC Company knows you & he really needs to employ somebody right now, he will probably think about you fast. 😊

As a result, you’d better expand your network as soon as possible. Do not wait until you need to change careers. Always dig the well before you become thirsty. 😉

Also, when you expand your network, you will meet more people, including more single women who can be your friends / who can introduce other women to you – and you know what, perhaps you will find love through your new social circle!


“When you build your network and make new friends, you are also on your way to true love because that’s the organic approach. What’s more, online dating is another way to find love because that’s the direct approach!”