Have you ever wondered why women make the rules for nice guys and break the rules for bad boys? Didn’t women say they only want nice guys? Yes, that’s what women think they want, but realistically, that’s not what women respond to.

  • Nice Guys VS Bad Boys

There’s a difference between being kind and being nice. Being kind is a good quality that people respect, whereas being nice isn’t necessarily that great. Let me explain.

If you’re very nice to women, you need to ask yourself, “Why am I nice to women? Am I nice to women because I’m genuinely kind? Or am I nice to women because I want to get something from women such as being liked by women?” As I don’t know you personally, I can’t answer these questions for you. But here’s what I can say: If you’re too nice, women will have this feeling – When someone picks a fight in a nightclub, a woman has to hide you behind her back.

Another way to explain that feeling – Talking to you is a bit like talking to her very nice 75-year-old grandmother. And that’s not attractive.

When the attractiveness is absent, a woman switches on her logical brain and makes rules for you.

In contrast, a “bad boy” doesn’t use logic to convince women. Actually, he is more creative, i.e., he changes a woman’s mood, not her mind.

For instance, instead of being nice to women, he challenges women in interesting ways – he asks a woman, “Can you cook?” on their first date so she wants to prove herself to him.

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  • How to recover from “The Nice Guy Syndrome”:

If you suffer from “The Nice Guy Syndrome”, you may want to take some notes: Whenever you interact with a woman, your attitude must be kind, but your message should be more aggressive. Here are some examples:

  • When you’re on a date with a woman, you maintain eye contact for a while during the conversation, and then you break eye contact first In this way, she will guess how much you like her.
  • Say this to her, “I like your look; beauty is common, but you seem like you have character.” Now she wants to show you how amazing her character is.
  • Say this to her, “I like that skirt/dress. They’re very popular currently.” Now she wants to be different from other women.
  • When she gives you a hug, you say, “You are tiny” in a loving way. Now she wonders whether she’s good enough for you. (This only applies to women who are much shorter than you.)
  • If she wants to look modest and says things like, “My cooking skills are average”, you say, “If you’re average, we’re not going to get along” in a joking way. Now she wants to be remarkable.

Basically, your tone has to be positive, but what you actually say indicates high standards.

Well, when your partner compliments somebody else, you may feel insecure. In this situation, please do not panic!

The ideal way to handle this situation is to keep your clarity at all times. By that I mean you should never lose yourself in a romantic relationship. You have to have your ambitions, interests, hobbies, friends and career. All of those will not change no matter you have a partner or not because all of those give you real confidence.

“You can only have a safer dating life if you permanently recover from the nice guy syndrome and overcome your insecurities.”