As an ambitious person, I’ve always wanted to play big, but sometimes I feel small. I have to admit that. I’m just a human. That being said, I’ve learned some highly valuable lessons from my trip to Eastern Europe.

  • Everybody feels small at times, no matter who they are.

When I was younger, I was constantly comparing myself to other people. It wasn’t a healthy habit. At that time, I felt very small; however, my desire to achieve big goals forced me to play big.

Most people play not to lose. Not many people play to win.

When I was in Eastern Europe, I met a life coach who taught me something very valuable. I told her that I always felt small whenever I see someone else doing better in their career. I think I must be very jealous. But this life coach told me that I should just disconnect from those individuals who made me feel small unconsciously. So, I unsubscribed their email newsletters and unfollowed them on social media religiously. This allows me to feel much better and more valuable when I keep my focus on my work.

This life coach also asked me why I am amazing. I realized that I have so many big wins and major accomplishments in my life as well as my career so far. I’m very proud of my achievements. Also, I started to spend more time with those who play big without making me feel bad.

Then I take real action anyway. I simply focus on my passion and add value to other people’s lives. I contribute to this world in a positive way.

There is always lots of backstory people ignore when they say how lucky somebody is. Plenty of people have all the blessings and privilege without becoming high achievers, yet many others whose backgrounds are not that great have created wonderful lives for themselves. Those are not luck. Those are decisions and choices.

You choose whom you spend your time with. You choose how you spend your time. You choose where to focus on. You choose what you think of. You choose to listen to your heart or not. You choose to look after yourself or not. In conclusion, your life is the sum of the choices you have made so far in your life.

Yes, we can choose our actions, our perspective and our thoughts. Everybody has 24 hours per day. You can cherish your 24 hours each day or you can waste 24 hours. This is totally up to you!

Nevertheless, I would argue that there is no such thing as the absolutely wrong decision. Please let me explain now.

If you are worried about making a wrong decision, you will sit on it without making a decision and then time has wings. You will end up staying in the same place that you have always been. In other words, without making a decision, you won’t make any progress.

Indecision eliminates momentum. You may miss wonderful opportunities simply because you were worried about getting it wrong and waiting for someone else to tell you what to do.

Those who look like they are successful and have made the right decisions are just good at making the most of the major decisions that they have made.

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  • From Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) to Joy of Missing Out (JOMO):

One thing I learned from my trip to Eastern Europe is that FOMO is totally unnecessary. Now I have JOMO instead. 😊

First of all, I’m always where the real party is. I have realized that I don’t have to be someone who chases a great time when I’m someone who knows how to enjoy myself.

The more fun I can have in my own company, the less I would worry about the company I’m potentially missing. This is the right mindset that I must get into and it’s also the most charming quality that I can have. Those who are charismatic are individuals who often make an art out of each moment. That’s why we want to be with them no matter they are watching TV at home or going to a party.

In the second place, I have realized that there are always other parties and other nights. Indeed, that party is not a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have fun. Oftentimes I simply miss one night out or another party with amazing people. But I can always do it next month.

Yes, there are always other parties to participate in. I know some experiences are really once-in-a-lifetime (e.g. meeting Cher and Dita Von Teese, a wedding, etc.) However, most things can happen again and again, right? I simply move on and start to look forward to the next good time. I love becoming excited by planning something cool in the near future.

“A trip to Eastern Europe has taught me how to be a better candidate in international dating.”