If you can’t forget your past, can you really forgive people who hurt you? Can you really forgive yourself based on the mistakes you’ve made in the past? Everyone has a past and everyone makes mistakes. Being a human is a challenging experience. But oftentimes, there comes a time in everybody’s life when they realize that there is a difference between forgiving someone and letting things go.

  • Your past doesn’t really exist; it only exists in your head.

Before you look for an international relationship, you have to come to terms with your past. This is obviously easier said than done, so I’d like to show you some examples.

  • Jon made a lot of mistakes in his 20s. His first girlfriend treated him very badly and he was too young to understand what happened. He married the wrong person when he was 25 years old, and that marriage was very traumatic. However, that was exactly why and how Jon started his spiritual growth journey – he began to read books on personal development, dating and relationships, career advice, money and business, health and fitness, etc. When I asked him if he has forgiven his ex-partners as well as himself, he said, “There is nobody to forgive – without those people in the past, I wouldn’t start my self-improvement journey. I have become a stronger, better and more enlightened person because of them. So, I’m grateful for how things panned out in the end: I’m still alive, healthy and intelligent. I’m a growth-driven person now.”


  • Ashley grew up in a violent environment because his father was an abusive alcoholic who would beat his wife and sometimes his kids at home. His dad terrorized him when he was very young. Consequently, Ashley suffered from anxiety and depression for a very long time. Because of his mental health issues, Ashley was unable to find satisfying romantic relationships. But now he has been seeing a psychologist for almost one year and he is recovering from mental health problems. When I asked him how he found the courage to join the dating scene again, he said, “My childhood was not perfect, but I believe that my dad only did what he could with what he knew at that time, so I don’t blame him. That is unconditional love. He gave me a life and I’m very grateful for that. I only have one life, so I have to make it right. I think because adversity happened very early in my life, it shaped my personality to some degree. However, it also made me much more resilient than most people.”

Clearly, these two gentlemen have learned from their past experiences and have moved on. If they can do it, you can do it, too!

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  • If you had a challenging past, your future is definitely better.

No one would have bad luck all the time. If you already had a difficult past, I can almost guarantee that your future will be much better.

First, your challenging life experience has taught you a lot of valuable lessons. Therefore, you have more insights into things than other people. I know many individuals who come from very good families – these people tend to have something in common: they don’t have a sense of urgency. They lived a comfortable lifestyle when they were young, so they don’t see why it’s important and urgent to improve themselves right now.

In contrast, because your past was very hard, you have a sense of urgency. Thus, you can see the importance of improving yourself right now. That’s exactly why you are more likely to achieve extraordinary success. Lots of accomplished people had very challenging life experiences.

Second, many western men who are looking for Eastern European women were married before. They are divorced now. They have decided to find Eastern European girlfriends because they know how hard it was to be married to modern western women who believe in feminism which is overdone in western countries.

Indeed, the divorce rate in western countries is at least 50% and the pandemic has made the divorce rate even higher according to statistics around the world. By contrast, the divorce rate amongst international marriages is much lower because Eastern European ladies still have traditional values and they respect their husbands. Whenever there is an issue in a marriage, a typical Eastern European wife wouldn’t consider getting a divorce immediately. Instead, she would work on it and make things right.

“Being married to an Eastern European woman means your marriage is more sustainable.”