Before you find an international relationship that satisfies you, you need to know how to package yourself for a good romantic relationship. I have some suggestions for you today. 😉

  • Start from a makeover.

Grooming is also very important to men because women are visual as well. In truth, Eastern European women are usually very fashion-conscious, so when they are looking for love, they tend to choose men who are presentable. 😊

If you are keen to have a makeover, you can hire a stylist for a consulting session. You will learn how to improve your hair and your fashion instantly, so in the future, you will know exactly what to do. This information can benefit you for the rest of your life.

Of course, you can also read GQ magazine and imitate those male models’ style in detail. Another good idea is to imitate a male celebrity that you like. Look at how he dresses up and then you will do exactly that.

A friend of mine went to a high-end hair salon for a consultation and then got his hair done in a cheap salon – he simply told the hair stylist in the cheap salon what kind of haircut he was looking for, so it was very well done.

Stop wearing clothes that are not even suitable. Don’t find another excuse why you can’t wear good clothes. Invest in some nice clothes and feel the confident feelings now!

By the way, don’t ignore details such as your cologne. An attractive guy always smells good. Next time when you go to a shopping mall, you can smell several samples first. Try a cologne that you like and walk around for a few hours. If you still like it, you can go back and buy that cologne. Alternatively, you can buy it on the Internet where the price is lower.

  • Figure out your career.

As a man, you are supposed to have a good career. This will give you tremendous confidence in the long term. Women admire men who are competent, capable and confident.

If you’ve lost your job due to COVID, it’s time to hire a career coach who will help you figure things out. Or you may join LinkedIn Learning where you can learn how to recover from a layoff, develop new professional skills and improve your mental health.

I have to point out that online courses on LinkedIn Learning aren’t the best in the world, but those are some resources that you may consider.

Jeff Goins states that it’s paramount to have a portfolio life in this day and age because if you rely on one job only, you don’t really have stability – these days the life span of many companies is shorter. By having a portfolio life, you have more than one gig, so you can monetize something else if your job is gone due to the pandemic.

A competent man doesn’t have to wait for someone to give him a job so that he can survive. In fact, a truly competent guy can create a job by himself – maybe he is a freelancer or an entrepreneur. So, if you are interested in starting your own business during the pandemic, now it’s a good time.

When Matthew Hussey failed a very important job interview more than one decade ago, he knew that he must start his own business. “Now I have to,” said Matthew Hussey, the world’s leading relationship coach, “That’s why my business is successful.”

Therefore, before you find an international relationship, you would be well-advised to build a career that makes you satisfied with or without a romantic relationship.

Truthfully, having a good career isn’t about showing people the fancy address on your fancy business card. It’s all about building something that you are proud of, something that makes your life fulfilling.

  • Your health is your No. 1 priority.

Most Eastern European ladies are very health-conscious, so they also expect their men to be health-conscious. Indeed, obesity is quite rare in Eastern European countries.

According to health and fitness expert Shawn Stevenson, the real reason why the United States can’t cope with COVID-19 well is because most Americans don’t have healthy habits and a lot of them are obese. This is very sad but so true.

If you are looking forward to a happy relationship with an Eastern European woman, you should start from becoming a happier and healthier version of you. 😊

That means you’d better focus on the quality of your sleep, your diet and exercise every single day. Stop looking at your phone late at night. Turn off artificial lights after 8pm and use some candles for aromatherapy! 😉

“A switched-on guy knows how to package himself for a happy relationship with an Eastern European lady.”