When you are single, things are uncertain because you don’t know who you will end up with. Fortunately, there are many ways to turn the annoying uncertainty into tremendous empowerment. Let me show you how!

  • Do what’s obvious first.

In my opinion, improving your grooming is the fastest method to get you results quickly. That’s because improving your looks is always easier than building a wildly successful business which will impress women.

Now you can start from building a new closet and get a very nice haircut. Please note that Eastern European ladies prefer elegant men with a reasonably good taste. Therefore, you should totally start your international dating journey from working on your grooming.

You know what, you won’t get any younger. So, you should make the most of what you’ve got right now and get what you deserve as soon as possible. Enjoy your physical asset when you still can as this may not last forever.

  • Financial freedom provides your marriage with stability.

Financial freedom means your passive income can cover all your basic expenses. That means you don’t really have to work. Yes, you can still choose to work if you want to. But most importantly, life is short, so you should do whatever you actually like, right? I’m 100% sure that Jeff Bezos doesn’t have to sit in his office today in order to make money from Amazon, okay? That is to say, even if he wants to go away for a vacation now, Amazon will still make money for him automatically because he has hired managers and employees to automate his business.

No, I’m not saying you must become a multi-billionaire in order to have a successful love life. I mean a role model like Jeff Bezos may give you some inspiration. Truthfully, a large number of successful guys have financial freedom because they make passive income. This is especially helpful if you are looking to get married and have a high-quality family life because you will be able to enjoy your kids when you don’t have to work your face off every single day.

  • The most paramount safer dating advice: how to get your Eastern European bride to sign a pre-nup

This is something that most people don’t want to talk about. Let’s say you are a mature guy looking to marry a younger woman from Eastern Europe. Perhaps you are wealthier than this lady, and it’s totally reasonable to ask her to sign a pre-nup, right? In that case, your wealth is always safe.

Actually, President Trump signed 3 pre-nups before getting married every time. In his book, he mentions that signing a pre-nup is not the most romantic thing to talk about, yet he must do it in order to protect his assets. All of those ladies signed the pre-nup with Donald Trump. After he left his first wife and his second wife, those two women still speak highly of him. That means there is nothing wrong with signing a pre-nup.

If you are ready to marry a lady from Eastern Europe and you are thinking about asking her to sign a pre-nup, you can ask her to do it when she is obviously in a very good mood. Never mention this topic when she is angry, depressed or sad. Choose a time when she is positive, happy and upbeat, and then she is much more likely to say yes fast.

Another strategy is to mention this topic in a dark environment because women are less analytical in a dark environment. For instance, when you take her to a coffee house at night where the light is soft and gentle, you can talk about this. Alternatively, you can take her somewhere near water at night because women become more emotional (and much less analytical) when they are close to water (think Titanic). For instance, John took his Eastern European girlfriend to Darling Harbour at night in Sydney. As they’re sitting in the romantic spot, John asked his lady to sign a pre-nup and she did it.

Of course, if you’re pretty sure she is keen to marry you, you can mention this topic at any time. But no matter what, you would be well-advised to invest in good legal advice by hiring a reputable lawyer. Now it’s the time to spend money on the right things, although I know engaging a lawyer isn’t cheap.

Look, sometimes if you pay too little money, you might end up paying too much later on. That’s just how things work in many situations. For example, if you don’t hire a competent accountant, you may have to pay too much tax. Similarly, if you don’t hire a reliable lawyer now, you might end up paying even more later on.

Before getting married, this is the most significant time in your entire life. Hence, you deserve a trustworthy lawyer who can create a pre-nup specifically for you based on your circumstances. In a western country, usually drafting an effective pre-nup is hard as ladies are protected by the family law in western countries. I know in some cities, only several lawyers are able to do this well. And you have to get it done in the right way.

  • Bonus ideas for introverts:

At least one in every five people is an introvert who is more artistic and sensitive. Usually, introverts are able to understand Eastern European women’s feelings and emotions more effectively & have a very rich inner world. That’s why the best poems, lyrics and love letters are written by introverts!

The technology is on your side because these days the majority of people use emails and text messages to communicate with each other. That’s why you don’t have to have telephone conversations and face-to-face interactions in order to build initial attraction quickly. If you can write thought-provoking text messages and emails, that’s an unfair advantage as most people’s messages and emails are so boring.

My recommendation is a book called The Manual: What Women Want and How to Give it to Them in which you will learn a wealth of information about this topic. Another useful book is How to Talk to Women. 😊

Anyone has their unique selling point, no matter they are an introvert or an extrovert. Obviously, Eastern European ladies find both Keanu Reeves and Bill Clinton attractive. Keanu Reeves is an introvert, whereas Bill Clinton is an extrovert. Different personalities, same result.

If you are a real introvert, you may consider cultivating a hobby that only an introvert can do really well. Think art and writing. In terms of hobbies like art and writing, a person has to spend lots of time in a quiet environment. Small wonder extroverts aren’t the best artists and writers! Therefore, if you are a talented introvert, you would be well-advised to make something like that a real hobby or something that you can even monetize. This will also make you more attractive.

“International dating is a rewarding, adventurous and exciting journey. Are you ready for that?”