Dating over 50 is a frequent topic of discussion nowadays. The most common question that senior singles ask is: “What are the pluses and things to watch out for?” Now I’d like to answer this question in detail.

  • What are the pluses?

Right now, this is the least stressful stage in your life, so you can savor true love. Because your children are probably not too young anymore, life is a bit easier. Better still, chances are you are not thinking about having more children now; therefore, you are able to focus on enjoying your love life.

Senior singles have more experience and wisdom. Because you are over 50, you have done things and have seen a lot. As a result, you are more experienced than younger daters who are much more likely to make mistakes in their love lives.

  • What to watch out for:

That being said, you need to consider re-writing your Will if you decide to get married now. Even though your current Will doesn’t include your new spouse in it, your new husband or wife enters your Will automatically in most western countries. Hence, now you must think about this before getting married. You would be well-advised to meet with a lawyer if you decide to marry someone at this stage in your life, as nobody will enjoy it when your adult children and your new spouse are involved in an ugly dispute in the future.

  • The truth about senior dating – dating safely

Senior dating is an exciting and beautiful experience, especially in today’s day and age, because the Internet has transformed the dating scene fundamentally. Ten years ago, online dating was a taboo topic, but now everyone is swiping left or right.

Online dating websites and apps are the main way for senior singles to meet each other. Statistics show that nearly 50% of couples who started their relationships in 2018 met each other online. As most people look at their phones more often than anything else, dating apps have got everyone’s attention. Therefore, many senior singles looking for love have joined these dating apps and websites. No wonder lots of senior dating sites and apps are so popular today.

If you want to get married, consider signing a pre-nup. Chances are you’ve already built your wealth and savings as you are over 50. Now if you are going to get married, you have to think about how to protect your money. This is a rational move that will benefit everyone – because you know your wealth is protected no matter what, you are more relaxed and can enjoy this marriage; because your new spouse knows everything is crystal clear from the beginning, they can also stress less; because your adult children know your new spouse is not here to get your money, they will also support your new marriage (if you have adult children). Therefore, signing a pre-nup is a must at this stage.

You can actually enjoy your love life. If you are in your 20s or 30s, you are probably worried about getting married and having kids. But now maybe that’s not your goal anymore, so you are completely free and can enjoy whatever you want.

It’s not easy to meet someone new. When you are in your 50s or 60s, chances are you’ve already built a social circle (and that’s your comfort zone). Hence, it’s not easy to meet new people in order to find a partner. Don’t forget that success is always somewhere outside your comfort zone. The good news is there are many senior dating websites that you can join. Just remember to read some reviews of these sites before buying a membership.

  • It’s harder for older women to join the dating scene again.

If you are a mature woman looking for love, you should be aware of the right mindset which helps you to meet men. So, I’d like to give you some bonus tips about how to meet top 10 men if you are keen to date successful men rather than losers.  There are three more places that deserve your attention:

1). Attend events run by Chamber of Commerce and Rotary Clubs.

You can meet many smart businessmen at a local Chamber of Commerce or Rotary Club event.  Businessmen attend these events regularly to network.  Because the majority of these clubs’ members are men, it’s very refreshing to meet a sweet woman like you at their events.  Less competition means better results for you.

If you are a businesswoman, going to these events will benefit you AND your business.  If you are not a businesswoman, but you’d like to meet successful businessmen, going to these events will help you achieve your goal faster, because there are more eligible men for you to choose here.

Now you may wonder, “If I’m not a businesswoman, how can I explain why I’m attending their events?”  Well, if they ask you why you join their events, you can simply tell them that you have always dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur and ask them for any advice on starting a business.  Honestly, if you have no interest in business at all, maybe you should consider dating men who aren’t necessarily involved in business, because it’s harder to connect with a businessman when you have zero interest in his passion.

2). Volunteer to work for political groups.

If you see yourself as the next Jackie O, you may want to meet the future Congressman, Senator, or even President of the United States.  Now you are wondering, “How do I do that?”

Do some research about political groups online, and go to one of their meetings.  Within a political group, you will probably see a passionate and motivated man who is aspiring to be the next Governor, Senator or even Prime Minister.  You will definitely meet a well-informed gentleman trying to make a difference.

Because you are a volunteer, you have a reason to passionately support him in every way.  He will appreciate your support because you are helping him with something that he truly cares about.  Obviously, you can easily connect with him over a cause or a common message.

Of course, you’ll have to stand out from the crowd, so make sure you are dressed to impress.  If you want to become the next Jackie O, you should look the part now.

3). Matchmaking services

Don’t underestimate the power of matchmaking services.  Although many young women want to laugh at this idea because it sounds so old-fashioned, the success rate of matchmaking services is actually much higher than other ways to meet men.  That’s because you are delegating a very specific task to someone professional.

A matchmaking service is a personalized service which offers safe dating advice, so it will probably be expensive.  After all, you are asking the matchmaker to find you a husband!

“If you don’t want to make such a financial investment, you can still join a matchmaking service’s database as a free member, because most matchmakers accept women as free members.  That means you will be considered as a potential match for their paying male clients.”