Most people pay for education because they have to; most people pay for entertainment because they want to. That’s why the majority of people don’t read books after graduating from school or university. As for the dating scene, many switched-on men choose to do their own research before joining an international dating website. Indeed, when you know what you are doing, the success rate is always higher, right?

  • What kind of research should you do?

First of all, you should do some research on international dating sites’ reviews. Because there are many review sites where you can find relevant and helpful information about various dating websites, you need to read those reviews very carefully before joining a dating site. Always evaluate the pros and cons first. Also, remember to read unbiased, objective reviews rather than certain marketer’s reviews (AKA ads) that are totally biased.

Secondly, it’s perfectly normal to join more than one international dating sites. This is a way to maximize your chance of success in record time because you will have more options when you explore more than one database online. Of course, not every dating site will work for you, so if you notice that one website doesn’t work, you should focus on other dating sites that actually work and allocate more resources over there.

Thirdly, joining a dating site only gives you access to Eastern European women. More importantly, you also need to know how to communicate with them effectively so that you can attract a high-quality woman. That means you are supposed to read some books about communication skills and conversation skills. Investing in your own skills is obviously a smart move.

Finally, you would be well-advised to buy some online programs about how to maintain romantic relationships. There is a difference between getting married and staying married. Many people can get married, but a lot of people can’t stay married.

Eastern European lady

  • The ability to do research well is so key.

Doing research on other areas of life is also important. Here’s an example:

Barton did some research for a company’s competitors. Can Barton use their competitors’ information in a new research project?

Although Ritter (2006) implies that men tend to believe in the orthodox business paradigm which indicates profits override ethical considerations, it does not mean Barton is definitely going to ignore business ethics in this regard.

Even if Barton has done research for their competitors, he cannot use those companies’ confidential information for this research project because he must be professional and ensure confidentiality at all times. Since a lot of secondary data are publicly available, Barton may use secondary data regarding their competitors.

For example, Barton Boomer can use social media platforms to conduct relevant research on their competitors. More specifically, Twitter is a very powerful tool that can be utilized for this purpose (Smith 2017). If Barton uses to find useful keywords, he can literally see what customers are saying on Twitter about any competitor. Indeed, previously, due to competition and privacy concerns, it was hard for companies to compare their internal information / data with those of their competitors. Nonetheless, it is possible to contextually compare social media information / data against those of competitors nowadays, as social media data are available for research and analysis in public in today’s day and age. Moreover, Smith (2017) contend that using social media information / data helps companies to have a better understanding of their own customers’ minds and their competitors’ customers’ minds quickly and identify opportunities as well as issues fast.

Also, Barton can look at how their competitors are portrayed in the media. This will help Barton predict how these competitors will react if the business expands into new markets in other states within Australia or in New Zealand. Many big organizations hire PR agencies to manage their campaigns in the media; business experts such as Barton Boomer should be able to identify these companies’ major moves based on relevant information in the media. Thus, data from the media can be very useful as well.

As to the Internet, Barton could use this source to conduct some research about their competitors’ behavior online. More exactly, Barton can find out which web-pages have the highest traffic on each competitor’s website, thereby understanding how each competitor optimizes their online presence in this day and age.

In conclusion, the above-mentioned concerns have been addressed with the help of detailed analysis and solutions. It is clear that Barton Boomer should be able to help the organization effectively. This philosophy can be used in other areas of people’s lives as well.

“Clearly, doing your own research before joining the international dating department is a very good idea.”