If you are a needy guy, a switched-on woman will smell your neediness from 10 miles away. In truth, the ideal way to get rid of neediness is to build an exciting lifestyle that you enjoy. This should be done before you join an online dating site. 😊

  • Do you have an interesting lifestyle?

A wonderful lifestyle can include having fun hobbies, catching up with good friends, doing work that you love, going to the gym / the cinema, learning a new skill, etc. That is to say, apart from using an online dating site, you must work on other areas of your life as well. The good news is when other areas of your life are great, you will attract the right woman faster, for high-value women prefer psychologically independent men who are happy with or without girlfriends.

Now it’s time for you to evaluate your current lifestyle. Think about your lifestyle as a matrix – Which areas are working? Which areas are not working? Where do you derive your confidence from? Do you derive confidence from one area of your life? Or do you derive confidence from many different areas of your life? Note that if you derive confidence from one area of your life only, that’s quite dangerous. Please let me explain now.

During the current pandemic, a lot of people have lost their jobs. Sadly, many individuals derive their confidence from their jobs only. Now they don’t have jobs anymore, so they don’t feel confident.

But when a person derives confidence from various areas of their life, this individual’s confidence is more solid. If their job is gone, they will still feel confident because of their hobbies, education, etc.

  • How to use moments of micro-attraction to your advantage:

Next time you go out with a woman that you meet on an online dating website, remember to create moments of micro-attraction on the date. This will certainly change your love life. I can give you some good examples of micro-attraction now.

Example 1: You and an elegant woman are sitting in a beautiful coffeehouse. You order a hot chocolate with pink and white marshmallows. You say this to the lady in a gentle manner, “Truthfully, I find your voice very sweet – you literally sound like a… marshmallow. Your voice reminds of Coco Lee’s song called Before I Fall in Love.” (You must pause after saying ‘Truthfully’ and ‘sound like a’ – that will definitely make this woman eager to know what you will say.) 😉

Example 2: You and a beautiful woman are sitting in a tasteful restaurant. When you are waiting for the food and drinks, you look at this lady’s face sincerely and say, “You are radiant now. Perhaps your necklace and earrings make your face radiant today. Or maybe your radiance comes from your heart.” If this lady likes what she has heard, you say, “Could I call you the Radiant Queen?” (In this way, she has a nickname in your world, which makes all future interactions with you more intimate and fun. As a matter of fact, most individuals would call their partners ‘darling’ or ‘honey’ – those are not impressive. Therefore, you should totally call your lady ‘the Radiant Queen’ so that she will find you highly memorable and unique.) 😊

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  • The power of micro-attraction:

An online dating expert argues that women are generally more intuitive because they trust their intuition & their intuition is usually right. Since moments of micro-attraction stimulate a lady’s intuition effectively and directly under the radar, these key moments are paramount in terms of creating chemistry and building attraction on a date, although moments of micro-attraction are not something huge.

Don’t underestimate the power of these moments. C.S. Lewis said, “This moment contains all moments.” Basically, it means each moment gives you new opportunities to experience, to grow, to learn & discover, to meet great women, etc. The magic of life is its infinite possibilities that we can have.

So, when you are ready to join an online dating website, you have to prepare some high-quality moments of micro-attraction in the first place. This skill will certainly make your love life significantly better because you will stand out from the crowd instantly.

“Anyone who would like to join an online dating site should build a fantastic lifestyle for themselves first – this eliminates all neediness in dating and relationships. What’s more, using moments of micro-attraction on a date is extremely powerful. Every guy should try this special technique and improve their dating skill.”