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  • How to keep the spark alive:

Truthfully, certainty and uncertainty are two very important human needs. In a romantic relationship, you need both certainty and uncertainty. 

Certainty refers to a sense of belonging and stability. Uncertainty refers to surprises, challenges and variety. 

When we explore these topics, we not only discover the formula that reignites the passion in a long-term relationship, but also uncover the raw truth about male psychology and female psychology.

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Eastern European women

  • If you are still looking for love…

I completely understand how rewarding a romantic relationship could be: being madly in love with someone gives you a sense of security as well as a sense of belonging. Happy hormones keep the spark alive in your relationship. Note that wanting to be loved is human nature & wanting to love somebody is also human nature.

That being said, I’d like to argue that before you date a woman, you have to love yourself first. Yes, I said ‘have to’, not ‘should’. Let me explain.

You’ll only attract the right woman when you give yourself radical self-love unconditionally, for if you do not fully love yourself, your insecurities will probably be used by losers, users and abusers. However, if you truly love and accept yourself, you will have high standards and maintain high standards & only the right Eastern European woman will be able to meet your standards. As you love yourself first, you are literally teaching others how to treat you properly. Your attitude and your behavior are saying, “This is exactly how I treat myself, so I expect you to treat me like this as well.” As you love yourself first, you project sparkling happiness that makes you a real people magnet. As a result, many women will find you very attractive and you will have abundance and options in your love life. I’d like to show you several practical ways to give yourself unconditional love:

  1. Set solid boundaries with yourself and with other people, i.e., how many hours you spend on social media each day, whether you should go to that party and talk to individuals who you will never meet again, etc.
  2. Dare to rest, e.g., shorten your to-do list by getting rid of unnecessary tasks, streamlining necessary activities and delegating things that you do not want to do.
  3. Dwell on your past happiness: Enjoyed that trip in Europe? Please take out the photos and put all of them on the fridge so that you can experience those nice feelings again.
  4. Joyously move your body – If you hate going to the gym, you may dance at home!
  5. Sleep in whenever you want to: This is pretty obvious – if you’re in a long-term relationship, you probably cannot sleep in whenever you want to. Therefore, before you date somebody, you would be well-advised to sleep in when you want to.
  6. Do activities that make you happy: What makes you genuinely happy? What did you enjoy doing when you were a child? What relaxes you? Do that!

Eastern European women are attracted to confident men who project sparkling happiness.”