Research in the Europe shows that although different people fall out of love due to different reasons, there are some patterns that have been identified in this regard.

  • The worst behavior in a relationship makes someone fall out of love.

What do I mean by “the worst behavior”? Well, please let me explain.

Leaving a relationship is a much harder decision than starting a relationship with someone. When you fall in love with someone, perhaps the attraction was triggered by their sexiness, personality, etc. But when you decide to leave someone, usually the decision is caused by that person’s worst behavior rather than some minor issues. Here are a few typical examples:

1) Cheating

2) Outrageous financial infidelity

3) Lack of respect

  • The willingness to work on yourself is the solution to most problems.

If everyone is 100% responsible for their own happiness, this world will be a much better place. I know this sounds like a cliché, but it’s the truth.

Actually, nobody is perfect; everyone has some bad behavior – that’s very normal. But it is your responsibility to make sure that your bad behavior won’t become your worst enemy which ends your relationship.

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  • Is your love life non-existent during the pandemic?

Love is hard during normal times, not to mention uncertain times.

But it doesn’t necessarily mean your love life has to be challenging right now.

   1) The pandemic has increased the divorce rate.

Being locked down together by the pandemic has made many couples break up. Here is why: If a couple are unhappily married, the majority of their conversations will be negative or neutral. Now their routines have been changed, so they have to face their conflict all the time. In contrast, before the pandemic, most unhappily married couples would just do their own things without getting divorced.

   2) In uncertain times, how to make your marriage happy again:

Here are some fun tips for you if you are married –

1) Have a weekly date night at home. This can be a romantic dinner date (dress up for each other again).

2) Watch classic movies together at night. Research shows that when you watch a movie which triggers emotions such as love, excitement and fear, you are more likely to feel attracted to the person who is sitting next to you.

3) If your spouse is sitting in the living room when you are standing in the kitchen, send a naughty text message to your spouse. 😉

   3) What if you are single?

Yes, there are also some ideas for singles to consider –

1) Join a dating website or dating app and enjoy virtual dates. For example, if you join, you can meet Slavic women

2) Go out and meet the person that you’ve met on the dating website/app & have a social distancing date, e.g., you meet each other in person in a coffeehouse and sit at two different tables. 😊

3) Use this period of time to level up so you will meet a high-quality partner when the pandemic is over, e.g., study male/female psychology and human dynamics & learn how to be a great conversationalist (you can read some books or buy a relevant online program).

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