Financial security is of vital importance when it comes to dating and relationships, especially in today’s day and age. If you are looking for advice on financial safety in this regard, this article is exactly what you need to read.

  • Money isn’t the root of all evil, not having it is.

After working in the dating industry for almost two decades, I have realized that almost all scammers are broke. Some women hustle men for money; some men hustle women for money. Don’t assume that all gold-diggers are women. Nowadays some men are also gold-diggers. Certain bum men hustle women if they suspect that these women are naïve. But getting money from women isn’t as easy as getting money from a guy – it usually takes an individual fluent in BS to pull it off on a larger scale. For example, this hustle oftentimes starts when the male gold-digger sells the lady on himself and all the big things he is doing, and then gradually and slowly, he asks for her help while promising to pay her back more than she gives him.

If you’d like to learn how to date safely, you may want to know the following true story first:

Owen was a player who paid his girlfriend Betty’s loan back for the first few times, but it was all game – he was just building faith so that he could get deeper into Betty’s pockets. Betty let Owen hold $200; Owen gave Betty $200 back and then took Betty out for dinner. Betty didn’t feel bad about helping her guy out financially as he was looking out for her, too (initially). Next time, Owen said, “By the way, can I hold $1,000?” At last, the player is ready for a big hit: Owen called in real trouble as he couldn’t find $5,000 to get him out of a bind. Because Betty knew that Owen would pay back his debt, Betty gave him $5,000. (Betty didn’t have that kind of money, so she borrowed money from her family members, asking for help that she would pay back in a few weeks.) Once Betty got Owen the money, Owen figured out this was possibly the highest amount he could hustle from Betty; thus, it was time to leave for the next lady.

As Owen was a sneaky fox, he wouldn’t disappear suddenly. To avoid repayment, Owen created a fake argument on purpose so as to break up with Betty and then Owen disappeared on her. Now Betty has lost her money and “love” at the same time. Meanwhile, her family members are talking about her behind her back in a really bad way. Yet Betty doesn’t know she got played because Owen was dating her for quite a while. However, the red flag was obvious in Week 1 – Betty chose to ignore it because of her loneliness and desperation. In other words, Owen saw her as means to an end, not a real girlfriend. Betty really needs to learn how to date safely!

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  • How to date safely: The most common signs / red flags when it comes to money issues –

How to date safely: The most common red flags / signs that female gold-diggers display –

  • When you are on a date with her, she wants to go to the shopping mall with you.
  • When you are on a dinner date with her, she orders the most expensive item in each category.
  • When you tell her that you will take her to a social event, she says she has nothing to wear & sends you a link to a website which sells expensive clothing and accessories.
  • When you give her a gift, she Googles this product in order to see its price online.
  • When you are hanging out with your wealthy friends, she is clearly more interested in your wealthy friends than in you.
  • She never offers to pay on a date.
  • When you suggest that you should have a date at home (cooking dinner and watching a movie), she is upset because she wants to go to a fancy restaurant and then attend a concert with you.
  • You are not sure whether you are dating a gold-digger or not, so now you are Googling “how to date safely”.
  • You think you’ve been hustled by her already, and now you want to ask a dating coach how to date safely.

“Money is the No. 1 reason for divorce.”