In reality, success is not really about how many skills you possess; it’s all about how you combine and leverage what you are good at! So, let’s focus on how you can make your advantages work for you and marry a high-quality Russian bride.

  • The fact that you are reading this article now means you have this advantage – you are a learner.

Firsts of all, you would be well-advised to read men’s fashion magazines and get some inspiration. Grooming is something you can get started today and it’s easy to do. Apart from reading GQ, you can even read Cosmopolitan and look at what kind of men’s style attracts women!

Then you can select several male celebrities’ styles and directly copy their styles. Note that women from Russian like stylish guys.

In PR, this technique is called ‘stealing and building’, and you can use it to your advantage, too!

Another idea is to visit some high-end clothing stores and observe the current trend. For example, you can go to Hugo Boss and Armani and check out what’s in now. And then you may go to Zara or H&M to buy clothes that look similar!

It is said that a guy is the sum of his influences. That means you may even combine different elements from different role models & build your own style.

  • You’re visiting this website about safer dating, so you know you should avoid pitfalls.

That means your intelligence is another advantage that you can leverage now!

First, please don’t overinvest in a woman simply because you like her so much.

Overinvesting in a lady is a pitfall as when you invest too much on a date, you are literally lowering your own value. You should give her sufficient space in the interaction so she can invest in you, too. A lot of men are very nervous on a date. Consequently, they overcompensate by talking a lot – they are afraid of the awkward silence.

But you are an empowered man, so you should totally take a step back & deliberately create certain silent moments. Now the Russian lady can invest in you and talk more! Note that it’s not your duty to fill each silence; she is supposed to talk more on the date. You should learn how to listen to her. Just enjoy the ebb & flow of the conversation with a woman from Russia, allowing for a change in dynamics and direction.

Second, when you are on a date, please do not talk about your ex!

Talking about your ex is a pitfall on a date. If you tell your date that your ex is a good woman, your date might feel that she is not good enough for you. If you tell your date that your ex is a bad woman, your date may wonder whether you are too mean or not. As a consequence, talking about your ex isn’t a smart move on a date.

Well, if she begins to talk about her ex, that’s not bad for you as now you are able to find out key information about this lady, i.e. her attitude towards dating & relationships, her belief system and her values. These are very useful in the long term, even though her ex is irrelevant. Therefore, you need to find those out sooner.

When the lady finishes talking about her dull ex, she will probably ask you about your previous relationships. You just say this to her, “My ex is slightly boring and I can’t really remember a lot about that relationship. Would you like another cup of coffee?” Yes, you’d better change the subject when it’s necessary on a date with a Russian lady.

The third pitfall is overanalyzing the date. Yes, we’ve all been there – stress and anxiety usually come from overthinking & overmanaging life!

Overanalyzing a date is not helpful, for you are merely using your head instead of your heart to feel this woman’s vibe. Sure, you need to have high standards and know which standards are the most important and fundamental things that your future partner cannot violate. Apart from these, you don’t have to analyze other aspects too much. If you are thinking, “This woman doesn’t like Italian food – 10”, you are thinking too much.

The fourth pitfall is pretending to be somebody else.

Some guys may try too hard on a date; consequently, they put on a façade, which is totally unnecessary. Yet do you really want this lady to fall in love with somebody else? Or do you want her to love the real you?

My advice is to show her who you truly are on the date, as life will become more difficult when you change how you behave later on.

The final pitfall is treating a romantic date like a job interview.

Moving into interviewer mode is a mistake on a date. Please note that Russian ladies have strong intuition. That means they will figure our what you’re actually thinking of if you treat it like a job interview. Basically, your attitude tells her that you are not really a romantic guy as you are constantly evaluating what you can gain from this relationship. That’s not the right result you want because you can only get what you give in life.

  • The friend zone is a great place to be… if you friend-zone a woman first.

I know this sounds odd, but here is my point. When you meet a Russian woman in a social context, you can casually say this to her, “Now you are my new best friend, and you’ll introduce a girlfriend to me.” Say it in a playful way, and she will think, “I’m already friend-zoned by him. That means he is a high-value single guy and he is looking for a girlfriend. Why doesn’t he like me?

Now you can see that’s the seed you have planted in the dynamics. From now on, this Russian lady will want to prove herself and attract you, for she wants to get out of the boring friend zone & may even start to compete with other ladies in the social circle.

But if she has friend-zoned you, it doesn’t matter, as long as you know how to get out of the friend zone. Let’s say you spend time with her as friends, you just say this to her, “Take your scarf off. You look too attractive when you wear this scarf, and I’m not supposed to see this.”

Now she will see you as a potential partner because you indicate that this is a man-to-woman interaction!

Look, chemistry alone is not really an ideal indicator of which candidate is the right match. Usually, when a lady from Russia friend-zones you, it just means she hasn’t felt the chemistry yet. If you don’t like this fact, it merely means you have felt the chemistry. Yet chemistry alone is not even an indicator of the right candidate. She still needs to meet your high standards before she becomes the one.

“Remember your key standards when you are looking for a Russian bride.”