Recently, a growing number of Ukrainian and Russian ladies are looking to marry western men. Why is this happening?

  • Many Ukrainian and Russian women want to leave Eastern Europe.

No, Eastern Europe isn’t a bad place at all. In fact, it’s one of the most beautiful places in the world. But in terms of career opportunities for women, Eastern Europe isn’t ideal due to their politics and economy.

That’s why many Ukrainian and Russian mail-order brides are looking for western men on international dating sites such as these days.

Also, many Eastern European men have drug problems or alcoholism. A lot of them even physically hit women. According to the new law in Russia, domestic violence is not a crime anymore. Consequently, many Russian ladies prefer western men who treat women better. Indeed, domestic violence is a crime in almost every western country nowadays, and Eastern European women want to feel protected. That’s why leaving Eastern Europe and marrying western husbands is a better option.

  • More and more western men feel attracted to Russian ladies.

In this day and age, an increasing number of western guys are attracted to Russian women because women in Russia are slim and feminine. By contrast, many western women are overweight and masculine. Worst still, the majority of western women dress for comfort, so they don’t have a good sense of fashion at all.

Interestingly, the majority of Russian and Ukrainian ladies are stylishly dressed as they would like to please men so that men will want to please them. Small wonder a large number of western guys find Russian and Ukrainian women very desirable.

Besides, most Eastern European ladies eat less and exercise more. A lot of them went to dance schools when they were young.

Therefore, as so many western guys are looking to date Eastern European ladies, lots of elegant ladies from Eastern Europe are in romantic relationships with western guys nowadays.

You may wonder, “Why do western men like Russian and Ukrainian women?”

That’s a good question.

First of all, men like Russian and Ukrainian ladies because these women are more honest than western women who tend to play games with men. Yes, the dating scene in Russia and Ukraine are totally different from the dating scene in western culture today. Most western women want to play mind games with men when they are dating, whilst Eastern European ladies don’t play games at all – they are very honest.

So, if you are dating a Russian girlfriend, she will certainly call you out whenever you’ve done something wrong. Be prepared!

In the second place, Russian and Ukrainian women are much more feminine. These ladies do not play power games with other people because they believe in traditionalism and virtue.

In reality, when feminism is overdone, it doesn’t contribute to this world in a positive way because it ignores the fundamental differences between women and men. I’m not saying women aren’t as good as men; I mean masculine guys are biologically programmed to feel attracted to feminine ladies. In other words, radical masculinity and radical femininity attract each other naturally and organically. As a result, feminine women from Eastern Europe and masculine men from western countries are the best match. Consequently, a lot of western women are single and lonely these days.

Next, Ukrainian and Russian wives know how to make their husbands look good. When they go out with their husbands, they are always very presentable. This makes their husbands look high-value instantly. This can also improve the quality of a guy’s social life because when his perceived value increases, his network will upgrade as well.

That’s why an elegant wife can make her husband more successful, too!

Moreover, Ukrainian and Russian mail-order brides value family and motherhood. Research indicates that the divorce rate of international marriages is much lower than the divorce rate of domestic marriage in the United States. Apparently, Eastern European wives highly value family and motherhood, whereas western women don’t value the traditional belief system very much in today’s day and age.

Last but not least, it is obvious that Ukrainian and Russian brides are more respectful than western women. As these ladies tend to be more traditional, they respect their husbands more.

If your wife is an Eastern European lady, you will find your love life much easier to manage because she doesn’t cause conflicts frequently. By contrast, many western women think about themselves most of the time and may cause conflicts easily.

  • Bonus tips:

No one’s marriage is perfect. Even if your wife is from Russia, it doesn’t mean there will be zero conflict in your marriage, okay?

So, if there is a conflict in your marriage, here’s how to deal with it:

  1. Set up boundaries and standards early in your relationship. No matter you have been married for 1 year or 50 years, you must have boundaries and standards. You can read Henry Cloud’s book Boundaries in Marriage if you like. It’s all about being an assertive husband and treat yourself with respect. Truthfully, this needs to be done before a conflict arises in your marriage.
  2. Be honest & never beat around the bush. If you become passive aggressive when there is a conflict in your marriage, your Russian wife will call you out because she is very candid. You are supposed to say what you mean & mean what you say in such a relationship.
  3. If your wife attracts lots of attention in a social setting, you shouldn’t be jealous. Your lady is married to you already; therefore, you would be well-advised to trust her. If she gets a lot of male attention in a social context, it doesn’t mean she is definitely flirting with other guys, okay? Honestly, if other men are looking at your wife, they are actually thinking, “ This guy must be somebody because his wife is so beautiful!
  4. Be a proactive man and do not wait until a problem has happened already. Don’t be a waiter; be a creator! When conflicts build up and become a big issue, it’s usually because men want to avoid talking about challenging topics with their wives. The longer you avoid certain topics, the worse the result will be. If there is an elephant in the room, you must address it directly and tactfully. If small issues are ignored and not dealt with early, these conflicts may become a big problem which might lead to a divorce in the end.
  5. Understand that love is blind. In actuality, you would be well-advised to open your wide eyes before getting married, yet after you’re married, you would be ill-advised to be wide-eyed at all times. Do you want to be right all the time or do you want to be happy most of the time? Please do not get caught up in certain details in your relationship as the big picture is more paramount.