Nowadays online dating is very, very mainstream, as evidenced by the fact that most single people have tried internet dating these days. A recent study shows that the Law of Reciprocity works really well in the modern dating scene.

  • In dating and relationships, you get exactly what you give.

The more you give, the more you get. This is true in dating and relationships if you have chosen the right person.

Now I have to emphasize the fact that choosing the right person is the prerequisite to making the Law of Reciprocity work extremely well for you. If you have chosen the wrong person, the Law of Reciprocity will also work, but it works very, very differently. Please let me explain.

When you have chosen the wrong person, you invest your emotion, time, energy, and resources in someone who is bad for you. Consequently, you suffer from a toxic relationship, a one-way street.

However, when that toxic relationship ends, you start to learn the lessons, which is almost inevitable because the fact that you are reading this blog article right now means you are a smart individual who is keen to learn more and improve yourself.

After learning the very important lessons from a toxic relationship, you have a much better understanding of dating and relationships. That means you become stronger in broken places. You become wiser and more switched on due to the adversity in life. Therefore, you indirectly get the benefits from a toxic relationship. I know that is not fun, but you actually become more enlightened than most people who only have had good luck in life. In other words, the universe eventually finds a way to reward you for your contribution to this world.

Of course, if you have chosen the right person, the Law of Reciprocity works so much better: You invest in the right person, so she invests in you as well. The more you invest in her, the more she reciprocates. In this way, you are in a virtuous cycle that serves both of you. 😊

Every healthy relationship is best characterized by both individuals contributing to the romantic relationship continuously. 

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  • How to make Law of Reciprocity work for you in this online dating journey:

First of all, you would be well-advised to invest in a high-quality photo. Basically, that means you need to buy a nice outfit, get a new haircut, and find someone who is good at photography to take your photo for you. Some men even hire professional photographers to do that because dating is very important to them! 😉

When your dating profile photo is great, you will get more attention on the dating website. As a result, more women will visit your dating profile – you will get qualified leads who pay attention to you.

Second, you need a new habit. Instead of waiting for destiny to bring you a good woman, you’d better initiate conversations with at least 5 new women on the dating site every day. When this is done consistently, you will have unlimited options in the dating department. Congratulations! You are getting closer to your goal!

Next, you should probably read some dating books, thereby improving your dating skills in general. This will help you become the best version of yourself on the first date; thus, you will start a healthy relationship that is good for you!

You see, the harder you work for the online dating results, the better results you will eventually get!

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