Currently, there are three schools of thought in the modern dating culture, including online dating and offline dating: blue pill, red pill and black pill. Please let me explain.

  • What does “blue pill” mean?

Right now, in the mainstream western society (probably except the United States), it’s cool to laugh at Donald Trump. Sad but true.

I’ve heard well-educated, intelligent men who studied Political Science at university mocking Donald Trump because nobody in the office likes Donald Trump. Some of these blue-pilled men have advanced degrees, including PhD.

These men are married to western women who definitely don’t look like Melania Trump.

Blue-pilled men read GQ magazine & blue-pilled women read Cosmopolitan magazine; they watch Hollywood movies and mainstream TV shows; they are diplomatic in every single way.

When they join reputable online dating sites, their dating profiles may include something along the lines of, “I’m just as embarrassed as you.”

Blue-pilled men and women spend approximately 4 hours on their phones (especially on social media) every day.

When they sit in the office, they browse news websites, check social media and make hot drinks, apart from focusing on their work for 3-4 hours a day (although they work from 9 to 5).

That’s not their fault because the modern work hours are set based on the ideal hours for machines to work after industrial revolution; the “9-to-5” idea isn’t scientific. This has been confirmed by author Kate Northrup in her book Do Less.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t have anything against blue-pilled men and women. I think the society needs a lot of people like that in order to function normally.

  • What does “red pill” mean?

We may assume that every truth is beneficial, but that’s not true.

Yes, I respect those who only want to know the ugly true. There is nothing wrong with that.

However, sometimes the truth gives people more pain than benefits. For instance, I know a woman who lost her leg after a chemical explosion. She asked me how to meet a high-value guy via a reputable online dating website because she wanted to get married. I almost told her that high-value men probably wouldn’t prefer a woman without a limb.

I didn’t tell her my actual thoughts because I figured out if she knew what I was actually thinking about, two things will happen: 1) she will believe in the same thing, so whatever she looks for she will find; 2) she will live in pain.

Here is what I was actually thinking about: This woman is going to meet men via reputable dating sites, meaning this kind of match is all about directly looking at each candidate’s advantages and disadvantages.

In contrast, if this woman is going to meet men offline, this indirect approach is more likely to help her meet someone who can see her beautiful soul because offline dating isn’t about comparing one candidate’s situation with the next candidate’s situation.

Here is what I said to her, “You should try both offline dating and online dating because you’d better maximize your chance of meeting the right guy.”

I’ve shared stories regarding women who are in similar situations – although those women have major insecurities, they are happily married.

“If they can do it, you can do it, too.” I said to her.

This woman smiled and went out for dates. She met a guy in April 2019. On their third date, she told him that one of her legs is artificial.

He doesn’t mind.

And now they are engaged.

In other words, whatever you really believe in will come true.

Talking about red-pilled men and women, I’d like to give you some examples as well.

Red-pilled men promote men’s rights movement. They believe that certain gender roles are intended to benefit women, not men. For example, women (not men) benefit from marriage and monogamy.

Red-pilled men also believe that the family law in western countries disadvantages men, so a lot of these men have joined MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way). As a result, these men are not on big dating sites.

The king of the red pill movement is Roosh V, founder of Return of Kings which is a popular website (Note that Return of Kings has stopped publishing new articles since 2018).

98% of Roosh V’s audience are men; 2% of his audience are women. That is to say, most people in the red-pill subculture are men nowadays.

Most of them believe in traditionalism, nationalism and patriarchy, whereas blue-pilled community believe in feminism and globalism.

  • What does “black pill” mean?

A large number of red-pilled men have taken the black pill now because they have realized that they can’t change the status quo in western culture – the majority of people have taken the blue pill anyway.

Wise people change things they can change, accept things they can’t change, and know the difference between these two categories. They can tell what can be changed and what can’t be changed.

Last night I was listening to Rachel Rodgers’ podcast. She says, “I was waiting for white men to open the doors for me. I thought only white men could give me opportunities in my career. But then I realized that I have to start my own business because white men are much more likely to promote other white men and white women, but I’m black.”

That’s an example of someone who has taken the black pill. She knows that she can’t change that situation, so she has decided to become her own boss. Now she is a seven-figure business owner.

I know many black-pilled men have hired personal dating assistants to help them with their love lives. Instead of spending hours sending messages to women on reputable dating websites every day, these black-pilled men hire personal dating assistants who send hundreds of messages to women on their behalf because their time is more valuable.

Their personal dating assistants also give them dating advice about where they can hire professional photographers who can take good photos for them, thereby improving their dating profiles.

Personal dating assistants can also ghostwrite their clients’ dating profiles.

Most virtual dating assistants charge a free. This option is ideal for black-pilled men looking for high-quality women.

Of course, the most important element in the dynamics is to join the right dating site that is reputable. If your dating profile is in the wrong place, you won’t meet the right candidates that can meet your standards.

In conclusion, no matter you are blue-pilled, red-pilled or black-pilled, you will have a way to meet the love of your life and be very happy, as long as you believe it, because when you believe something is true, you will look for evidence that supports the truth in your head.

“Online dating and offline dating are two methods that should be used at the same time if you would like to maximize your chance of meeting someone suitable. Good luck in this journey and we wish you all the best.”