At times women could be hard to read because they give you mixed signals. However, as long as you know which key signs to look for that surely indicate she is interested in you, you can read a woman like an open book.

  • If her social circle know about you, chances are she really likes you.

If she is interested in you, she will talk about you with her family and friends. Note that ladies tell their female friends everything

Another indicator is whether she invites you to gatherings and parties with her family and friends. That means she wants to have a future with you & she needs her friends and family’s approval. 

Of course, if she formally introduces you to her family, that’s a key indicator.

  • If she reschedules a date that she cannot make, that means she likes you.

If a Slavic woman is into you, she will surely want to see you again. She will be able to reschedule the date that you have planned which overlaps with her job interview. If she isn’t interested in you, she will tell you that she is too busy because she really couldn’t be bothered. Eagerness is an important sign which shows a lady likes you, because she will certainly take the time to make solid plans with you no matter how busy she is. In other words, when a woman loves you, she always makes herself available to you! 


Slavic women


  • She makes efforts to keep the conversation going – she likes you.

Whether it’s texting or talking in person, she will keep the conversation going if she likes you. She will not send boring & short text messages or politely (and merely) nod her head when you are talking; she will surely ask questions and add something extra to continue the conversation. If she replies your text messages and answers your phone call, notice what she says – when she adds input and asks you questions, it means she is very interested in you because she wants to prolong the conversation.

Another key sign is whether she compliments you. Usually, a Slavic woman who likes you wants you to feel good. If she pays you compliments and does things to make you genuinely smile, she probably likes you authentically. If she smiles at you, sends you selfies and compliments you, it means she tries to make you happy. Someone who is uninterested wouldn’t make such an effort.

  • If she is nervous around you, she is probably very attracted to you.

I know when she avoids eye contact, you might assume she is not interested. Nevertheless, she can be just nervous. Most men do not know the fundamental difference between when a woman is shy around you and when a woman does not want to be close to you. Subtle things like messing with her hair, face touching, fumbling with her hands and looking down are all important signs that she is quite nervous. Whether she is talking too much or not talking at all, please do your best to help her relax and feel truly comfortable around you.

Also, if a Slavic woman’s body language is inviting, she is probably quite into you. Many ladies are the opposite of nervous when they are interested in a man. You might tell a lady is into you by the way this lady positions herself. She will turn her entire body toward you as you are talking. She will find every excuse to physically touch you or be in your general vicinity. Although she may not really make the 1st move, she will probably want you to by standing near you or placing her hand close to your hand. If a woman is into you, she will not pull away as you move close to her physically & she will not recoil as you place your protective arm around her body. But please be careful – you shouldn’t overdo that. Be sure to make her feel comfortable so nothing will become awkward.

  • If a Slavic lady remembers things that you’ve told her (including small details), she probably quite likes you.

She is possibly into you if she pays full attention to every word you say. Also, she might even bring up conversations which you spoke about several days ago – that means she has been thinking about what you’ve told her for a long time.


 “If she is a smart woman, she may even make little inside jokes with you according to the things you have discussed with her.”