It is every woman’s dream to find the fairytale kind of love that will sweep them off their feet. The kind of love where they meet their prince charming or knight in shining armor who will love them unconditionally, protect them and care for them for a lifetime. It sounds too good to be true, but who says good guys don’t exist? If you’re tired of jumping from one failing relationship to another and just want to find a lasting relationship or marriage, know that you don’t have to find the “perfect” man. What’s important is that you know the qualities to look for in a man. Read on and find out if he’s “the one” with the characteristics of a good husband.

He embraces all of your qualities, both good and bad

A perfect husband is someone who accepts everything about you. He embraces all of your qualities, good and bad. With the right man, you won’t feel the need to pretend or even hide your true self. There’s no need to change yourself for him because he makes you feel safe and comfortable about being you. 

He is trustworthy

Trust is a vital element in a healthy and lasting relationship. One of the reasons why many relationships fail is because of the absence of trust. If you want your relationship to work, find a trusting and  trustworthy man. Find someone who can be honest with you, the one who will never lie or keep secrets from you. Be with someone who can be trusted in everything, someone who can give you the security and assurance that they won’t do anything to break your heart.

He is always there for you

Even if it’s not convenient, a good husband will always be there for you whenever you need him. Even if it requires him to compromise or sacrifice certain things, and won’t even have a second thought. He will be willing to go through the storms with you instead of staying only in the sunshine. He’s not someone who will let you face the bad times alone because he’ll make sure to be there holding your hand all the way through. 

He respects your differences

You and your partner may agree on many things but expect that you will disagree on some. And that’s okay. The important thing is that you’re with someone who knows how to respect your differences in terms of beliefs, principles and values. Married couples aren’t always on the same page. They don’t always believe the same thing, but the ones who can make it through until the end are the ones who respect each other and are willing to work together to reach a common ground.

He communicates with you

The right man won’t make you afraid of talking or bringing up things that upset you. Instead, he welcomes conversations that will benefit the relationship. Arguments, disagreements and fights will always be there. But with open communication, you can emerge from the tough times and work through them together without compromising the relationship. 

He puts effort into the relationship

Another characteristic of a good husband is someone who never stops showing how much you mean to him. He works hard to keep you and the relationship. He never ceases to express his love and affection, and if a problem needs to be addressed, he doesn’t run away from it. He goes above and beyond to make sure that he doesn’t lose you.

He is a good listener

We all have our fair share of bad days and you need a good listener to keep your sanity intact. You know you have a good husband when he gives you undivided attention and listens to anything you want to share, whether it’s about him or not. He puts aside everything he’s doing to listen without judging you.

He considers you when making a decision

Because you matter to him and he wants to start a life with you, he’ll make sure you’re part of every decision he makes. This is especially true when he’s about to make a decision that will significantly impact your relationship.

For a marriage to last, both partners should possess the qualities that will benefit the relationship. These items are some of the most important characteristics women should look for when searching for a good husband.

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