Fall is considered to be the most romantic time of the year. Why? There’s no exact reason for that, but most people say that it’s because fall is the best time of the year to fall in love. Well, others say it as love is in the air. Although love may be in the air for some people, there are other people who say that it’s the most romantic season to start dating. Let us tell you some reasons why fall is the best time of the year to fall in love.

We’ve missed the Halloween portion of fall, but it would’ve been a perfect time to bond over costumes with someone new. You could be one of those couples with the really funny couple costumes! However, since we’ve missed that part of fall, then we’ll move on to other great reasons to fall in love during this time of the year.

  1. Women are in their Sunday dresses, so it’ll give them time to show off some of the most stylish clothing. Your partner or significant other included! Plus, you two could pull of the best couple outfit.
  2. It’s the best time to snuggle up together at night. It may be warm and cuddly during the day, but as the winter breeze creeps in, there’ll be more snuggle and cuddle time. Nobody wants to cuddle alone!
  3. Fall is a great time to do couple activities. Maybe you can invite your lady over for some R and R and have a taste of apple picking, pumpkin patches and even hay rides. These can be enjoyable by yourself too, but why be alone when you can find someone to share the moments with right?
  4. While everyone, including you, are soaking up the last days before winter sets in, which makes it quite impossible to meet new people, you can share great conversations over hot coffee or tea.
  5. The most perfect part about falling in love during the fall season is finding someone to spend the holidays with. This means you won’t get questions on why you’re still single!
  6. Even on your worst date, you can drink better drinks as the holidays are coming up, each cafe usually makes a specialty drink that you can go to and drink a hot cup with your date! How awesome is that?
  7. Although it may not be your thing, but women in scarves look more attractive than the average summer clothes.
  8. My favorite part is laughing at the chilly walk on the way home while being able to feel home with the warmth that grows as you enter the door. This plus having a special someone to share it with. It can have you two talking for hours about the awesome weather. (That is until snow falls and shoveling will the to begin at one point.)
  9. When you’re falling in love with someone during fall, you’ll be provided great lighting. Thanks to all the places that have started to put up their Christmas decors that offer sparkly lights.
  10. The perfect weather for literally as “Netflix and chill” moment with someone new.

Now you’ve got 10 reasons to find love this fall season before winter sets in. Even though most Christmas songs say that winter is the most beautiful time of the year, they don’t know how difficult it is to shovel all that snow. Plus, how many accidents actually happen during winter time. So, the best season is still really fall!