This level of confidence is also known as internal confidence, i.e. no matter what happens, you give yourself unconditional love. I know this sounds slightly corny, but this is actually very practical and realistic – Indeed, your surface-level confidence and your lifestyle confidence may be taken away when circumstances change. You may not be good-looking forever; even if you are in a relationship, you are only one breakup away from a single person’s lifestyle; you never know what will happen to your work because there are many things that are outside your control. Yet your core confidence is entirely controlled by you.

⦁ Building your core confidence is of vital importance in international dating.

Having said that, it doesn’t mean the other two layers of confidence aren’t important. Honestly, the other two layers of confidence informs your core confidence which underpins your true identity.

Radical self-love leads to core confidence. You know you are valuable no matter what. Remember: No one will value you more than you value yourself. That’s why men who have core confidence do well in life, love and business – they ask for what they want; people respect them because of their high standards; they aren’t afraid of charging higher fees. These are the results of having core confidence.

Let me show you a real example which explains how core confidence works:

Ruby is a successful woman who runs a 7-figure business. One day she was talking to someone on the phone – she was looking to have a business partnership with that person, a wildly successful individual.

But that telephone conversation didn’t go well, so later on Ruby asked her mentor for some feedback and advice (she thought she did something wrong). Interestingly, Ruby had another phone call with that wildly successful individual and the same thing happened again – the conversation didn’t go well.

Then Ruby suddenly figured it out: She didn’t really do anything wrong because she is a delightful conversationalist who is very good at communication. In fact, she doesn’t really want that type of energy in her life, so she decided not to have that business partnership which could potentially help her make 8 figures a year.

That’s Ruby’s core confidence. She doesn’t want that wildly successful person’s approval anymore. She doesn’t need it. Full stop.

Now I think you have a good understanding of what core confidence looks like, right?

Eastern European women

⦁ How to build core confidence in a down-to-earth way and attract Eastern European women:

⦁ Invest in yourself.

You must invest in your education regularly. This can be reading books, studying online programs, hiring coaches and mentors, and so forth. This strategy alone will make you feel very empowered.

⦁ Write your own affirmations.

You don’t have to read affirmations written in a book or on Instagram. As a matter of fact, it will be more effective if you write your own affirmations that you truly, deeply resonate with. For example, Krystal’s affirmation is “I’m a strong, confident badass. Instead of sitting back and letting things happen to me, I go out and happen to things.” (Krystal wrote this affirmation by herself because other people probably wouldn’t write “badass” in an affirmation – most books about affirmations are quite spiritual.)

Once you’ve written down your own affirmations, you’d better put them on the wall or on the fridge where you can see every single day.

⦁ Be your own best friend.

Your best friend is yourself. Every morning, you can look at yourself in the mirror and say, “You and I are the dream team. I love you. Thank you.” Do this for 21 days, and you’ll notice the difference.

Never say harsh things to yourself. If you wouldn’t say that to your best friend, you also shouldn’t say that to yourself. Be kind to yourself at all times. The stories that you tell yourself shape your personality which is literally your personal reality.

 “Okay. Now you are ready to be the alpha man that you actually are. You are a strong-minded man, a dominant thinker, an opportunity snatcher, a decisive action taker and a high-vibrational being. Eastern European women like strong men. Congratulations!”