High-level flirty behavior doesn’t even look like flirting. Here is how to flirt with a Slavic lady without seeming like you’re flirting with her! But some direct methods are also very helpful!

  • Master the art of eye contact.

When you look at a Slavic woman’s eyes on a date, do not look away. Just continue to stare in a loving way. Please gaze deep into her eyes. It doesn’t really matter whether you are paying attention to every word she says.

This feels like somebody is looking into her soul. She feels like you are being very attentive, which is a very intimate experience that increases a certain closeness in the interaction.

When it’s done well, flirting is not obvious or overt and constantly leaves open the subtle possibility that the flirting behavior isn’t happening. The delicious ambiguity allows individuals to put themselves out there without any fear of rejection, embarrassment or damaged self-esteem.

Yes, an individual’s self-esteem could influence how they approach flirting. While the risk of being rejected is relatively high, guys with higher self-esteem tend to use more direct strategies than guys with lower self-esteem, as confident men are less worried about how being rejected can negatively affect them. Nevertheless, guys with lower self-esteem prefer more obvious and much bolder tactics than guys with higher self-esteem when a woman is very obviously into them (the risk of rejection is so low). Apparently, having some certainty is a context in which a man with lower self-esteem feels reasonably safe as they make advances.

Slavic women

  • How do Slavic women flirt with men?

While rejection risk is quite low for ladies, they are usually direct no matter they have higher self-esteem or lower self-esteem. Traditionally, ladies initiate relationships less frequently than guys. As a result, when the chance rocks up, maybe ladies would go for it!

Look, being subtle may protect the flirter’s vulnerable self-esteem, but being direct can really gets the message across. Usually, subtlety could rarely get the job done in modern-day society where competition is increasingly stiff. Therefore, a more direct approach always works better these days.

When you are direct, it’s easier for the receiver to interpret what you mean. If you protect your ego extremely carefully, your risk is even higher because the lady probably doesn’t even understand what you mean.

Research shows that men are more accurate at recognizing when ladies flirt with them; however, in general, guys overestimate ladies’ interest.

As I see it, direct approaches are better because when you are too ambiguous, the method is not even effective, so what’s the point of trying to flirt?

Here are some direct approaches for you to consider:

  1. Allow silence to build attraction on a date. Silence is only awkward if you thinkit’s awkward. Actually, when there is a silent period, you should look at the Slavic woman’s eyes, eyebrows, nose and lips. In this way, you are building intense attraction under the radar.
  2. Give her a hug when you meet her at the beginning of the date. Give her another hug when you say goodbye at the end of the date. Be natural and confident when you initiate physical contact like that.
  3. Be playful and spontaneous. Don’ttake yourself too seriously on the date. You are supposed to relax and have fun when you interact with a lady, even though your goal is to build a serious relationship. Remember: a woman enjoys the fun side of a serious relationship as well as the deep & meaningful side of a long-term relationship.

“When you master the art of flirting with a Slavic lady, she will find you attractive. She will begin to feel that everything you say is intriguing.”