Have you ever gone out with a wing man or a wing woman? Most men learn dating skills via trial and error. As a consequence, dating is a daunting experience for most men. This blog post will explain why you should probably go out with a wing woman instead of a wing man.

  • A wing woman is always better than a wing man.

When you go out with your wing woman, other women see you as a high-value guy as you are with a lady in public already (the wing woman increases your perceived value). What’s more, this puts other women in competitive mode, as other women are wondering, “Who looks better, me or her?” / “Why can she go out with a guy? Why can’t I have a guy to go out with?” / “Why do men want to hang out with her rather than me?” Women tend to overthink situations quite often.

Your wing woman has to be a pretty woman, as you want other women to compete with her. Once ladies start to compete with each other, they are doing all the work for you! You don’t need to do anything.

But if you go out with a wing man, you can’t create this effect. Also, if your wing man looks more handsome than you, the situation will not be in your favor at the end of the day!

However, if a woman goes out with a man, her perceived value becomes lower – other men probably wouldn’t approach her if she is already going out with a man.

women from Eastern Europe

women from Eastern Europe

  • How a wing woman can help you with your love life:

Ask your wing woman to talk to other women first. She might say this to other women, “I like your necklace. Where did you get it from?” In this way, other women will like her and they can have a quick conversation. And then your wing woman introduces you to other women by saying, “This is Tim. He is…” (Insert good qualities, your unique selling points, and so on.) For example, if you have high status, your wing woman could say, “This is Tim. He is the most intelligent guy in the CBD – the CEO of ABC.” If you have a very pleasant personality, the wing woman may say, “This is Tim. He is incredibly sweet and genuine. I’m sure you will love talking to him.” (The wing woman has to imply that she is not your girlfriend/wife at the end of the introduction by saying something along the lines of, “I’m sure you will love talking to him.”)

This strategy is also known as “the epic gateway”.

When the wing woman is introducing you to other ladies, those ladies from Eastern Europe will definitely pay attention to you immediately if they are single, as approximately 99.9% of single ladies are keen to meet new men and they would see this as an amazing opportunity.

“It turns out that a wing woman can help you meet and date women from Eastern Europe.”