The ability to tell effective stories is one of the most paramount skills that you need in terms of attracting Ukrainian women naturally. We are going to share several quick tips about storytelling in this blog post so that you will become a wonderful conversationalist on a date!

  • Prepare very compelling materials.

Leaders are readers. If you read a book each month, you will have lots of very interesting things to talk about in your conversations. As a result, you would be well-advised to create a reading list and start to read more! Then you will never, ever run out of things to say while talking to a Ukrainian woman. You may consider reading a wide variety of books, e.g., culture, business, politics, fitness, human dynamics, tourism, and so forth.

  • Use hooks to keep a woman interested.

Always vary your pace while telling a story. Sometimes you slow down; sometimes you speed up; sometimes you use a standard speed; sometimes you pause and suddenly say, “So, I’m curious. [pause again, and insert a question like ‘What would you do if you were in a situation like that?’]” In this moment, she must lean in and pay more attention – it’s indeed a very powerful hook.

  • There should be a few unanswered questions in your story.

Let’s take a look at this story: “Last week, I was booking my flight on the telephone. Strangely, the person with a European accent told me that I could only book my flight online nowadays as they don’t accept telephone booking anymore.” In this example story, there are a few unanswered questions: A) Where were you planning to visit? B) What’s the real difference between booking a flight online and booking a flight on the phone? C) Why can’t they accept any booking on the telephone now?


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  • Improve your sub-communication.

Sub-communication means anything that’s implied rather than directly said. That includes your facial expression, your tone, your eye contact, etc. When you tell a story with the correct sub-communication, the story becomes more engaging and stimulating. By contrast, when you tell a story with bad sub-communication, the story can become a waste of time.

  • Add a memorable ending to the story.

Always end your story with a fantastic punchline.

Here are some examples:

I) “As a very frequent flyer, I like business class where I am able to network with like-minded businesspeople.”

II) “Moral of the story: Never trust an annoying teenager.”

III) “That’s exactly how to turn maddening depression into marvelous connection.”

“A successful dater is definitely a good talker. Are you a phenomenal conversationalist when you are on a date with a Ukrainian woman?”