Gina is a Slavic lady who has an interesting view on why rituals are so powerful. (This post is offered by Gina.) The idea of goal-setting is exciting, but unfortunately, most people can’t achieve their goals. This is sad but true. In order to actually achieve a goal, you have to develop rituals and stick to them. Here is how it works: Ordinary things done consistently lead to extraordinary results. The key word is “consistently”.

  • Real examples in real life:

Example 1:

Darren’s goal is to land 3 new clients for his business within 6 months. His daily rituals include:

1)         Spending 20 minutes looking for clients on the Internet by improving his business’s online presence (social media posts, Google My Business listing, his website’s Search Engine Optimisation, etc.);

2)         Asking one person to introduce new clients to him (this person can be his previous client, current client, friend, relative, neighbour, colleague, the acquaintance in the coffee shop, etc.);

Because this is done consistently, he is very likely to land 3 clients fairly quickly.

Example 2:

Jonathan’s goal is to find a girlfriend within 6 months. His daily rituals include:

1)         Talking to three new women – this can be writing a thought-provoking reply to a woman’s comment on his friend’s Facebook post / approaching a woman in a café / asking a woman for directions in the street / asking a woman what time it is on the bus, etc.

2)         Learning female psychology and dating skills by reading one chapter of a dating book.

Because Jonathan implements his daily rituals every single day, it’s very likely for him to find a girlfriend within 6 months.

Please remember that a realistic goal should be something that can be achieved within 3 – 6 months. If your goal is about achieving something within 5 years, it doesn’t change what you will do next Thursday. However, if your goal is about achieving something within 6 months, it changes what you will do next Thursday because it is more compelling and creates a sense of urgency!

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  • What is an emotional button?

In terms of goal-setting, most people use the analytical approach only, i.e., they only use their left brain which makes everything very logical. Nonetheless, human beings are emotional creatures – we are biologically programmed to be emotional – when something stimulates emotions, it has much more power.

We would like to share with you a well-known example so that you will know what it’s about:

Zimmermann is one of the most successful Australian fashion brands. If you look at the care labels of their products, you often see their products are made of 100% polyester, made in China and can only be dry cleaned. In other words, the actual cost of making a Zimmermann outfit is very low, and it’s usually a high-maintenance outfit. But its price is very high. Meanwhile, it is often the most profitable and successful fashion brand in David Jones. Why? Well, that’s because Zimmermann sells creativity – their design is highly creative and artistic; as a result, customers find Zimmermann products irresistible and they can’t feel that feeling / emotion when they look at other brands’ clothes!

In contrast, there are many fashion brands that use 100% cotton, linen, silk and leather to make their clothes (and their fabric is from Europe and Japan). Nonetheless, their prices are significantly lower on the market because they try to use logic to convince customers by saying their products are high-quality and affordable. Sadly, customers think they use their logical brain when they go shopping, but realistically, that’s not what customers actually respond to because everyone is emotional – being a human means every single moment is an emotional experience!

Once you have fully understood the power of emotions, you can use it to your advantage. If your goal is to find a girlfriend within six months, apart from implementing daily rituals, you can do the following:

1)         Ask yourself, “How would I feel if I have a girlfriend?” (Chances are you would feel more attractive, romantic, successful, loved, etc.)

2)         Identify what makes you feel attractive, romantic, successful and loved right now. (Perhaps a song makes you feel romantic / a movie makes you feel sexy / a jacket makes you feel attractive / …. That means that song, that movie and that jacket are the emotional buttons that you can use regularly.

3)         Listen to that song when you wake up in the morning and feel the feelings. Watch that movie on the weekend and feel the emotions. Wear that jacket when you go out and feel the feelings / emotions….

“You can keep accumulating new emotional buttons as long as they help you feel the right emotions that you want to feel,” says Gina, a Slavic lady.

“Here is the success formula: daily rituals + emotional buttons = achieving your goal”