This blog post is recommended to every guy who is interested in online dating!

  • The following lists help you to figure out whether you are an alpha male or a beta male in the online dating space.

Alpha qualities:

  1. You are a visionary guy with a clear mission at work and in life.
  2. You know what you deserve and unapologetically ask for what you deserve cleanly and clearly.
  3. You love yourself unconditionally.
  4. You read women like an open book most of the time, as you understand female psychology very well.

Beta qualities:

  1. You are “polite” and “laid-back” due to “the nice guy syndrome”.
  2. You judge others when you feel insecure.
  3. You do not have a purpose in life because of laziness.
  4. You want a woman’s attention and time so much that you even beg her.
  5. You always want to know if your girlfriend likes other men or not.
  6. You check up on your girlfriend all the time because you are needy.

Note that normal women cannot stand beta qualities in men. In fact, some women might put up with beta qualities for a little while as their own self-esteem is very low – they do not believe that they deserve high-value men. Nevertheless, if you want to date high-quality ladies, you have to remember that high-quality women can never stand beta qualities because:

  1. A) Women are biologically programmed to date up, which is a part of evolution, i.e., women want men who are stronger than them so they could feel protected and their children could be taken care of. If a guy has beta qualities, she cannot admire / respect him.
  2. B) Women always have an alpha male’s image in their subconscious mind while looking for romantic partners, as they have seen enough movies in which alpha males are heroes. Although some women might say, “I want a nice guy”, that is definitely not what they actually respond to. As a matter of fact, a high-value woman wants a high-value man who surely has dating

  • Conclusion

No, the conclusion is not going to be a generic farewell summary in a textbook. Now you have built the foundation for being alpha in life; thus, let’s have a look at some specific and practical examples of alpha behaviour so that you will get ready to take action in your reality!

Example 1 (about being a dominant alpha male in dating and relationships): At the initial stage of dating a woman, Jake never asks her, “Could you tell me which coffee shop we should go to for our next date?” She wants to date a leader, so Jake tells her where to go and what to do! Jake’s attitude is always kind and polite, but his actual approach is absolutely alpha.

Example 2 (about wait or create): Jeff is a concession store manager in a department store. Because the economy isn’t great, his concession store doesn’t have enough traffic. Instead of waiting for customers to come to his concession store, he approaches customers near the escalator before customers go to his competitors’ concession stores, and then he takes customers to his concession store directly.

Example 3 (about core confidence): Vincent was the CEO of a prestigious company, but he lost his job during the pandemic as the organisation was shut down due to COVID-19. However, Vincent’s identity is not built on his job title; his identity is built on his core confidence – no matter what happens, he knows his real value. As a result, Vincent has started his own business and now he is an entrepreneur. 

Having an alpha mindset and unshakeable confidence is all about leadership. Here is how to develop leadership:

Growth + confidence = momentum

Growth + adventure = transformation

Confidence + adventure = excitement

Momentum + transformation + excitement = leadership


“To your success in online dating!”