Modern technology has totally transformed almost every area of our lives, including dating and work. Since the vaccine has been found already, we will need to get used to the new normal.

  • Internet dating is mainstream.

These days the most common and the most practical way to meet someone suitable is internet dating, according to a recent study conducted in Europe and America. 

That’s why Internet dating has become so mainstream right now, especially during the pandemic and post-COVID. 

Currently, most singles would join dating sites in order to meet someone new. 

That is probably the best way to join the dating scene in a digital era.

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  • The truth about the gig economy post-COVID:

Many men are thinking about their love lives (internet dating) as well as their careers after the pandemic as so many things have been changed fundamentally. Hence, here is our comprehensive advice.

Tom Bilyeu once said, “In our parents’ generation, an individual only had one job throughout their career. Somebody like my elder sister or her peers would have about five jobs in their lifetime. But it’s said that a person from Gen Z will probably have five jobs at the same time.” He was talking about the gig economy.

Obviously, the gig economy was probably a myth one decade ago. Yet in this day and age it has become real: an increasing number of individuals have already joined the gig economy after the pandemic. Research shows that 50.9% of the total American workforce will be freelancers in 2027. That is to say, 86.5 million people in the United States will be freelancers within six years. However, is the gig economy better than a real job?

First of all, I have to admit that as a freelancer, I have more flexibility. Yes, most freelancers don’t really have to sit in the office all day as they oftentimes work from home. By contrast, a real job usually requires the employee to arrive at the office before 9 o’clock in the morning and the employee can only leave after 5 o’clock in the afternoon.

As a result, people who want a flexible schedule should consider becoming freelancers. That is especially important to individuals who prefer taking care of their kids at home without quitting their jobs.

Also, if you are a freelancer, it’s a bit easier for you to visit internet dating sites on your computer during the day time. But it’s almost impossible for you to use internet dating websites if you work for a boss in the office because your computer in the office is probably monitored by your boss.

Second, if you are freelancing, excellence is expected all the time. This is something that you have to remember.

Frankly, freelancers are entrepreneurs, for they are self-employed and make money via a creative outlet. So, freelancers are running their own businesses. Apparently, if you own a business, you must be excellent every time; you cannot afford to be average. If you’re average, your clients / customers will definitely find somebody who’s better & you will not have a business.

Nevertheless, if you have a real job as an employee of a company, you don’t really have to be excellent. I know this isn’t a pleasant topic – if you’re average, you would be well-advised to have a job as when you are working for a company, it’s easier to do whatever you could and still get paid anyway. As I see it, you may join the gig economy if you are actually good at your work.

“If you are a freelancer, you will have more time to use internet dating websites during your lunch break every day.”