People who have a fixed mindset tend to believe that they cannot keep improving themselves, whilst those who have a growth mindset firmly and strongly believe that they can improve themselves every single day – that is indeed very alpha (an attractive trait in international dating)!

  • Men who have a fixed mindset usually lack a sense of urgency. 

A well-known and controversial investor, once said, “Guys who were born in middle-class families in western countries oftentimes had a good upbringing, so they live a very comfortable lifestyle. But unfortunately, that is the exact reason why they lack a sense of urgency. In contrast, people who had adversity at a young age are more likely to have a strong sense of urgency, so they are much more proactive and are keen to improve themselves. Small wonder I see many Indian immigrants in the United States become very successful business owners – they know how difficult it was to move to another country and start a new life, so they have a sense of urgency and can become wildly successful.”

In other words, a comfortable lifestyle leads to stagnation, whereas adversity facilitates the development of a growth mindset. What’s more, adversity makes people find creative ways to succeed in spite of the obstacles, because of the obstacles. 

The fact that you are reading this blog post right now means you already have a growth mindset. Congratulations!

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  • A positive mindset in international dating:

We are not going to sugar-coat this: dating is hard.

Yet the real reason why so many guys find dating incredibly hard is because they do not have a positive mindset which is a key component of being alpha. Remember: Your mindset determines your behaviour, and your behaviour determines your results.

First and foremost, a guy who has a successful love life has created a virtuous cycle – In order to create a virtuous cycle, you must feel the good feelings and emotions before good things happen for you. That is to say, when you feel positive emotions and feelings, your vibration energy is much higher; as a result, the universe will give you things that match your vibration energy. This is how Law of Attraction actually works; it is not wishful thinking!

Moreover, when you are genuinely happy, your upbeat energy will attract women organically. The most attractive quality in a person is sparkling happiness. Nobody wants to be with a guy who is always complaining and unhappy all the time.

Next, sparkling happiness leads to a playful mindset which is paramount in dating and relationships. No matter how serious you are, your attitude is supposed to be playful and spontaneous when you are interacting with women, as that is what women respond to in reality, although most women may not be aware of that logically. Yes, most women say, “I want a serious relationship”, but as a matter of fact, every serious and successful relationship is characterised by playfulness, and women’s intuition tells them exactly that in their subconscious mind.

Indeed, when you radiate sparkling happiness, your attitude will be fun-loving / spontaneous and your mindset will become playful. All of these result in uncontrollable attraction and intense chemistry.

You can build other aspects in a romantic relationship, but you cannot manufacture chemistry if it is absent in the first place. That’s why the secret sauce in this bonus is of vital importance.

By the way, you might want to remember the attraction formula: Chemistry + perceived value + perceived challenge = attraction.

When you remain positive and look confident, your perceived value increases naturally. A confident man is usually also an alpha male, so your perceived challenge increases. That’s why this book’s main topics are about how to be alpha and confident. Lastly, your sparkling happiness automatically generates chemistry. That’s how you effortlessly attract women and become a woman magnet!

In addition, most people assume that when they become successful, they will be happy (success leads to happiness). But in fact, the opposite is true – happiness leads to success & here is why –

When you are happy, everything seems a bit easier and the way you carry yourself is more attractive, so you are able to achieve success more quickly. 

“A positive mindset is the fast-track to a great love life in international dating; happiness is the fast-track to ultimate success.”