We know nobody likes the test! But it’s so common and unavoidable when you are trying to date Eastern European women. Fear not, dear friends. What if we are here to tell you that tests are actually a very good thing? Indeed, it’s a positive sign that you’re doing something so right. Let’s explain this in this blog post.

  • If you know why tests happen as well as how to pass them, you can control dating and relationships much more effectively.

In reality, men who have phenomenal success with women literally see tests as wonderful opportunities & compliments.

That being said, if you totally hate tests, that’s understandable.

At the beginning of a romantic relationship, a woman might say this playfully, “I bet you say that to all ladies” / “You’re not my type.”

Suddenly, your confident frame is falling apart and now your brain goes into overdrive regarding what to say next.

That means you’ve already failed the test and the lady thinks you are just another beta male.

Eastern European women

  • Now we are going to explain what a test really is!

You might want to take some notes: A test is when a woman is being emotionally reactive to you but has not made a decision if she likes you or not; thus, she is testing to see whether you are actually somebody that she can be with forever.

In other words, a test is not an insult or a rejection. But if a woman says, “You are so ugly and smell so bad”, that’s an insult. And if she says, “Go away!”, that’s not a test either because that’s a terrible rejection.

A true test is a lady saying something to you with the intention of putting you in an unstable (and unhelpful) frame in order to see how you are going to respond.

A woman giving you tests is surely a good thing because that means she is being emotionally reactive to you – you are on her radar as a potentially attractive and high-value man.

Mike Tyson once said, “Everyone’s got a plan until they get punched in the face.” A test is just like that – it’s hard to have alpha and confident traits when she throws a test at you!

Sadly, the majority of men fail tests, so passing tests is very, very, very, very powerful.

Look, if you can pass a test, you’ve confirmed to a woman that you are the real deal – you are a high-value guy who can easily pass her tests without sweating or freaking out. She will show you real signs that she likes you.

When a woman gives you tests, please see it as two things: A) an opportunity – if you pass the test, she will be attracted to you even more; B) a compliment – she is already emotionally reactive to you.

Truthfully, most beginners in the dating department don’t even get any tests because they are not on a woman’s radar and that’s a real problem. In other words, if you only get “It was nice to meet you today”, it only means you are just being tolerated by a woman – she didn’t even feel the need to give you a test as you are not in the category of men that she would consider dating. Testing you would be a complete waste of time.

“Being tested by an Eastern European woman means she is interested in you. Otherwise, she wouldn’t even test you in the first place. All you need to do is to pass the test!”