Perhaps you are bored by the “dinner-and-movie” dates. You and your lady sit at the boring table, have dinner and then see a standard movie. You have already done this with a lot of people; consequently, this dull routine makes you want to yawn. From now on, you can do things very differently and take your dating life to the next level through having exciting dates. In this blog post, we would like to offer two highly creative ideas that will make your next date much more enjoyable and romantic.

  • Where is it?

You and your Eastern European lady are at home for a special date night.

Warm candlelight. Divine food. You keep the exotic wine flowing.

You look at each other’s eyes – just like your eyes met hers for the very first time.

As you finish dinner, you put a card near her plate.

The card says, “Please go to the wardrobe and discover the surprise.”

She goes to the wardrobe and finds another card which says, “The present is under the pillow.”

Now she finds the precious present under the pillow on the bed. This present will be cherished by her forever as she will never forget the fun process of looking for the present.

Eastern European lady

  • A starlight date:

Go to the beach at night so you can see the sky full of stars. Relax with her and allow the gentle breeze comfort your face. A lady can only have romantic feelings when she is very relaxed. You can use some background music if it’s possible. Alternatively, you may simply listen to the sound of the ocean waves.

On this starry night and underneath the starlight, you two have a romantic and relaxing conversation. As you are talking, you slow down.

You pause and all of a sudden, you say, “Would you like me to get a star from the sky for you?”

Your lady needs some time to think of how to answer this question.

In this moment, you take out a small gift box and open it – there is a piece of shiny jewelry in the box. The light of the jewelry shines like a star from the sky. You give it to her and enjoy her reaction.

She will never, ever forget this date.

You may do this on her birthday or when you propose to her so the occasion is much more memorable. She has never heard a guy who literally said the jewelry is a star from the sky, so she will want to wear this piece of jewelry and proudly tell all her girlfriends about it!

Please incorporate some creativity into your next date so you’ll keep the spark shining in your relationship. Your lady will remember what a caring, loving, romantic and creative partner you are. If you have more fun dates like that, your romantic life will be more inspirational than any romance novels.

“Live your dreams. Date the Eastern European lady you love.”