Any relationship involves some risks, and that’s very normal. Actually, it’s more about how you manage the risk, i.e. your relationship with the risk informs your relationship with your partner. In terms of risk management while dating Russian women, I’d like to use a business analogy today.

  • Consultation should happen inside and outside your relationship with the Russian lady.

According to ISO 3100 Risk Management Framework, the first step is communication and consultation which should happen inside and outside an organization, i.e. managers and employees would be well-advised to communicate with each other effectively and consult with experts in relevant industries in order to make decisions accordingly. The second step is monitoring and review because calibration is key – a business must be well-calibrated because crises may change quickly. Then review must be conducted regularly. The third step is risk identification: it is obvious that the bushfires and the COVID-19 outbreak have been identified already.

The fourth step is risk analysis which is of vital importance. Based on Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats Analysis (SWOT Analysis), risks faced by the Australian tourism and hospitality industry can be illustrated with specific details.

Firstly, the financial stress is an obvious risk, yet as a developed country, Australia has some obvious strengths, i.e. the resources and financial abilities to overcome difficulties presented by the bushfires and the COVID-19 outbreak. To be more precise, the Australian government has recently announced a JobKeeper Payment for employers and employees. A business may receive the JobKeeper Payment if its turnover has been reduced due to COVID-19. That means the Australian government will offer AU$1,500 per fortnight per eligible employee for around six months (Australian Government 2020). Besides, the Australian government has taken effective measures to control the COVID-19 outbreak after learning lessons from Italy and Singapore. Therefore, these are the strengths in this situation. However, the financial risk is still real because the government has more burden now.

Secondly, there are some weaknesses in the Australian system. More exactly, unlike the Chinese system which fully controls individuals’ behavior in China, the Australian system does not guarantee that everyone’s behavior is completely controlled, which may result in some potential issues regarding managing the COVID-19 crisis. Consequently, whereas it only takes China several months to cope with the COVID-19 crisis, it might take Australia more than several months to cope. That means tourism and hospitality industries may have to go through a longer period of difficult time.

Thirdly, both bushfires and COVID-19 bring some opportunities as well. For example, there are many bushfire recovery jobs in Australia which provide individuals with employment opportunities. As for opportunities brought by COVID-19, although many employees in the tourism and hospitality industries have lost their jobs, major supermarkets are employing many more employees, meaning a lot of employees in the tourism and hospitality industry can find new jobs in supermarkets. In this way, many people can develop relevant skills which may generate benefits for their future careers. Furthermore, some employees who work from home can cultivate their IT skills, thereby fostering creativity and innovation in the workplace in the long term. Nevertheless, employees who work in supermarkets and hotels may fear COVID-19, which is actually a risk. Also, the broadband Internet in Australia isn’t ideal and this is another risk.

Lastly, several factors are real threats to the tourism and hospitality industries. The current uncertainty means nobody knows how deep the industry will be hurt by COVID-19. Worse still, no one knows how long this crisis will last either. Consequently, how long it will take for the industry to recover from the crisis is unknown and the future of the industry is unpredictable. Previously, the tourism and hospitality industries played a very important role in the Australian economy, yet it might become a less important sector in future.

Similarly, if you are dating a Russian woman, you should communicate with her effectively. Meanwhile, consulting with a dating coach would be very beneficial as well.

  • Evaluate potential risk before starting an official relationship.

Usually, it takes a while before you start a relationship with a Russian lady officially. Before you start the official relationship, it is your responsibility to evaluate potential risks. This is also true in business.

As for risk evaluation, a list of risks must be outlined in the first place. First of all, financial risk caused by COVID-19 is unavoidable because tourism is currently non-existent in Australia. This risk is extreme as it directly and rapidly affects the industry in a massive way. In the second place, around the world there are many photos showing the bushfires in Australia, which damages the image of Australian tourism landscape. This risk is medium; hence, it only requires monitoring and review (bushfires also happened in the past and the Australian tourism industry overcame those challenges already; thus, the industry is very experienced in this regard). Last but not least, social-emotional risk is involved as people might develop psychological fear when they stay at hotels after the COVID-19 outbreak. Also, some staff members who work for hotels might have similar fears as well. Yet Australian hotels can develop strict policies regarding hygiene and safety. As the likelihood of psychological fear is relatively small and its impact is limited, this risk is low.

“Dating and relationships aren’t about avoiding all risks; it’s all about how you manage risks. Good luck and enjoy international dating!”