This article will reveal certain uncomfortable truths which might be something that you do not want to hear. Yet that’s probably exactly what you should know. Are you ready for that? Okay, let’s get started.

  • Because you were hurt, now you fear being hurt once again.

Being hurt or having a broken heart is a compulsory course that everybody has to study as this will inevitably make an individual become mature and strong. Michael Johnson (AKA the Mojo Master) once said, “Life isn’t about happiness. As a matter of fact, life is about growth, because anything that is not growing is literally dying.” As a result, you are supposed to be grateful to your ex who broke your heart. I know this isn’t the most pleasant thing to say, but she has certainly made you a much stronger guy, right?

So, you can lick your wounds & look for another woman worthy of your affection and love. It’s time to start from joining an international dating site where you can meet high-value candidates.

Another reason why you are not taking action could be your comfort zone. Most people only want to stay in their comfort zone. And anxiety arises when someone steps out of their comfort zone, for the uncertainty makes an individual feel nervous and anxious. Sadly, if you can merely stay in your comfort zone forever, you could only go so far in your life, for every goal you’d like to achieve is literally outside of your comfort zone.

If reaching for the low-hanging fruit is your comfort zone, that habit might make you want to stay with what’s more familiar. Because you’re reading this blog post and thinking about transforming your life now, you have to say no to the next low-hanging fruit.

  • Are you emotionally needy?

Ladies and gentlemen can be equally needy when their self-esteem is low. When a man is emotionally needy, he can only meet and attract low-value ladies. This is sad but true. If you actually feel emotionally needy to some degree, you should review every asset you bring to the table to reaffirm your true worth. You may make a list of your great traits and qualities as well as reasons why a high-value lady from Eastern Europe would choose you. Look, radical self-love could replace the unhealthy craving for attention, affection and admiration from just anybody. Please do not allow low-value people to ruin your love life!

Are you giving your life to destiny? I know some guys went through lots of pain and trauma. As a consequence, they have already given their love lives to destiny. If you think life and love are predestined, you’d be glad to know that you’re still in control of your own destiny. I mean your beliefs shape your destiny. When you complain about something, it merely means you think something outside of you is controlling your life. When you complain about somebody, it just means you think somebody else dictates your situation or your life. So, you should totally take your own power back. Never allow your life to operate at the mercy of destiny or anything or anyone else, okay? You are 100% responsible for your own life from now on.

Are you actually ready? If you still want to wait until you’re 100% ready, you might wait for the rest of your life, for perfection never arrives. Truthfully, perfection is probably a joke. Never allow how you feel to stop you from meeting the love of your life. What’s more, rather than getting ready for love, you can stay ready for love. That means you’re always ready. You do not have to be perfect in order to be ready. If the woman from Eastern Europe that you’ve met on an international dating website is not perfect, then why should you achieve perfection?

Are you worried about being judged simply because you are going to marry a foreign bride? Well, I know some guys in western culture are afraid of being judged by others just because their wives are from foreign countries. Sometimes, their families do not approve their relationships because those individuals are not very open-minded.

If that’s actually what you are worried about, please note that you can ditch those maddening noises & living your own life on your terms. Look, you only live once; you have one life. Therefore, you should live your life your way. Life is too short to put up with those noises. Others’ opinions do not even matter in terms of your love life and your happiness. Please understand what is actually important and what is literally irrelevant.

  • Marriage is a spiritual journey – be choosy before you get married.

I’d like you to be choosy before getting married because marriage is a big decision in your life. So, you should know some typical red flags that women show you in dating and relationships.

First of all, if a woman chooses you due to her own fear, it’s a red flag. When a woman marries a man for the wrong reasons, they will be divorced. For example, if a woman marries a guy because she is desperate and cannot put up with loneliness, then I can almost guarantee that she will be a mess after getting married because marriage isn’t for the immature.

Second, if a lady is shallow, then she is the wrong candidate. End of story. By that I mean if a lady merely has a pretty face and a nice body without any brains, that is definitely a red flag. Shallow ladies are not wife material. Period.

When you are talking to a woman on an international dating site, you should ask her which books she has read so far & what her interests and hobbies are. Find out if she values knowledge and growth or not. If a woman just knows things like fashion, makeup and jewelry, she is possibly quite shallow. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying reading fashion magazines is a bad habit (actually, Julie Bishop loves reading fashion magazines, too). I mean that shouldn’t be the only thing a lady enjoys!

Next, if a woman is selfish, she is not going to be a good wife. When you are dating a woman, please observe how she treats her family. If she is selfish, you will know it based on the dynamics in her family. Marriage is for the mature, not for naïve and selfish women. Please note that marriage is about giving value and that’s something generous people do.

When you and your girlfriend are having a dinner party with friends, pay attention to her behavior. If she is completely self-involved at the table, it’s a red flag. She is supposed to take care of others if she is wife material.

“Be analytical and keep your eyes wide open before getting married. Do not marry a drama queen, please.”