2 decades ago, online dating was a taboo topic, yet these days internet dating is very mainstream. For a lot of individuals, internet dating is possibly the only method of finding someone suitable as most people look at their phones all the time. Apparently, offline communication is becoming rare nowadays.

  • Internet dating is a bit like making passive income.

Please allow me to use a business analogy.

When you join an online dating website, the site automatically sends qualified leads to your Inbox, so you don’t really have to make a lot of effort. Hence, it’s a bit like making money when you’re asleep.

In contrast, if you only do offline dating, you must make it happen by yourself as meeting women offline requires a lot of effort.

A man who only does offline dating may meet 2 or 3 suitable candidates each year if his dating skills are average. Unfortunately, that is most men’s reality.

Nonetheless, when you prefer internet dating, you are able to meet 10-20 suitable candidates each week, so you can choose the best candidate quickly. 😊

Having said that, internet dating is not supposed to be the only method of finding true love.

In my view, online dating should be an add-on because offline dating is still an effective way to hone your social skills. 😉

If you are interested in working on your charisma and social skills, you have to try offline dating as it gives you endless opportunities to hone your conversation skills. This is so important, as a marriage is a lifelong conversation with a woman you are in love with.

Unlike internet dating that sends you suitable candidates automatically, offline dating needs you to be much more proactive. Therefore, you must go to social events and attend parties so that you can meet women in real life. You don’t want to leave your love life to chance.

As I see it, you probably need to study an online program about human dynamics before trying offline dating so you can be equipped with the skills and knowledge that you need in dating and relationships. Remember: only when your core confidence is backed up by true competence can you get the reward after taking a risk.

  • In this day and age, offline dating is hard.

As everyone is staring at their cell phones nowadays, they aren’t looking at you in real life. Consequently, each time you attend a party, you can see that most people are looking at their smart phones rather than looking at you. This is sad but true.

Yet I have a suggestion for you: Why don’t you use your phone to your advantage?

Next time when you go to a party and talk to a lovely woman, you can mention a holiday that you enjoyed and take out your smart phone. Then you say this to her, “These are the photos from that holiday.”

Of course, your photos are on your Instagram or Facebook page; therefore, after a while, you can ask if you can connect with her on Instagram or Facebook.

Many men complain about the fact that they only meet unattractive women in real life, so I’d like to talk about how to pave the path for a high-quality, attractive woman.

I know a guy who keeps dating the same woman – his new girlfriend only has a different name and different haircut, yet that’s just another low-quality candidate. Further examination shows that dating losers could be a habit that governs his behavior. But where does his habit come from?

This guy feels down on himself; consequently, he is more apt to see a loser as a partner. I asked him to work on his self-esteem by writing down a brand-new identity statement: “I’m a confident, competent and smart guy, so I deserve a high-value woman in my love life.”

If a company can have a vision statement, why can’t you have an identity statement?! Each time he looks at his brand-new identity statement, he feels his high self-esteem growing.

This technique changed his life.

You must ring out the old in order to bring in the new. Your old behavior and habits that worked with losers you were wasting time with must go.

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