Business owner wannabe Jamie bragged about his business achievements whenever he went out with his girlfriend. Worse still, whenever they attended a social function or a dinner party, Jamie was bragging about his career success in front of other people, which really made his girlfriend cringe.  Obviously, this relationship couldn’t last long because his girlfriend is an ambitious, capable and smart cookie, whereas Jamie is still a wannabe. I understand that every guy wants to look good in front of other people. Nevertheless, if you brag about yourself or what you have got, you need to understand that other people are probably not stupid – they can possibly see it through. That is to say, bragging about your non-existent achievements does not work for you.


The importance of honesty:

Most single women from Ukraine are high-value ladies who know their worth and what they deserve. Therefore, if they date someone like Jamie, a loser and a liar, they will leave pretty quickly.

As a strong man, you should work on your real skills and actually achieve something phenomenal in the first place.

Besides, please do not persuade single ladies from Ukraine to do things in your way by offering useless promises that can’t come true.

Some guys assume they can outsmart ladies, so they persuade women by telling ladies what they want to hear in order to achieve some very selfish goals.

For example, Joe didn’t have money to pay for the wedding, so he said to his girlfriend, “Let’s get married, but could you give me $5,000 for the wedding? I’ll return the money to you because all of my relatives from Italy will give me money as gifts when they attend our wedding.”

As his girlfriend is a genuine lady, she gave him $5,000. But Joe didn’t return her money back at all. The story didn’t end here. Please let me explain.

Now that woman has become his ex-wife because she figured out a way to take her money back by milking Joe for several years in other ways.

Hence, the conclusion is: lying to a woman may work once, but a lie can eat you alive in the long term.

The universe will only give you someone that matches your vibration energy, according to Law of Attraction.

Although you may not believe in Law of Attraction (and that’s okay), it doesn’t mean Law of Attraction is completely wrong.

I agree that the popular book The Secret is not ideal, but I have to admit that in life you don’t get what you want; you only get who you are. Everything that’s happening in your life is here to teach you who you really are.

Therefore, if you are a mediocre guy, you will only attract a mediocre woman. But if you are a high-quality guy, you will attract a high-quality woman.


Life is fair enough in the dating department in this regard.

Aristotle famously said, “We are what we repeatedly do.” If you repeatedly play video games, drinking alcohol and partying all night long, you will become someone who doesn’t have any ambition. Nevertheless, if you repeatedly pursue career success, work on yourself and look for Slavic women, you will become a successful guy.

A successful man with confidence, competence and certainty knows that any woman’s life would be greatly improved for having him in it. For instance, successful guy Bob knows that he is the best thing that has ever happened to his Slavic wife.

Note that a woman can sense when a guy’s uncertain of himself. Usually, a secure and confident woman will lose interest in a guy if she senses neediness, clinginess and insecurity. Self-determination, independence and masculinity are important qualities of a successful man.

Moreover, a successful man has integrity, which means he sticks to his standards and principles. Having integrity is about knowing what your standards are and being comfortable with your standards and principles. The good news is Slavic women have integrity – they are very honest people.

If your interactions come from a place of honesty and integrity, you create a dynamic where you can expect honesty and integrity from your woman. That’s why successful men marry elegant Slavic ladies.

Remember: Sticking to your own standards and principles teaches your woman what is to be expected of her, and she feels challenged to not disappoint you.

A high-quality guy is a man with strong character. Successful people don’t enter relationships hoping to have a wonderful existence; they come to relationships to share a wonderful existence with somebody else.

“Men who live passionate and interesting lives are inherently attractive. Every Slavic lady imagines the man of her dreams as having a wonderful and vibrant life that she wants to become a part of.”