According to Dr. Stuart Brown, play deficit is just as bad as sleep deprivation. In modern-day society, adults are not supposed to play. No wonder these days more and more people suffer from depression, anxiety and relationship problems. If everyone can relax and be more playful, I’m sure a lot of individuals will have better mental health and better relationships. After working in the international dating industry for more than one decade, I’ve noticed that couples who are more playful and spontaneous tend to have more satisfying relationships because humor is very, very powerful. Today I’d like to discuss why play therapy is beneficial in so many ways.

  • Play therapy isn’t just for children.

Research shows that children who don’t play often usually have more behavioral problems. Similarly, adults who don’t play often may have more mental health issues and relationship problems. However, the mainstream culture rarely talks about this because most experts would tell you to do more meditation, aromatherapy, etc.

In his book Play: How it Shapes the Brain, Opens the Imagination, and Invigorates the Soul, Dr. Stuart Brown points out that play makes a person more productive at work, more creative in general and more resilient in tough times. This is particularly meaningful and key during COVID. If you are looking for an international relationship, you’d better become a better version of you by having a more playful mindset so that you can be more relaxed and calmer during the pandemic in the first place. Your mindset and attitude will determine the quality of the relationship that you will have in the future.

  • How to use play therapy during the lockdown:

There are many ways to play at home if you are alone during the quarantine.

  1. Dancing to the music: Esther Perel famously said, “Dance is my favorite workout because it’s so joyful. I think the best exercise has to be enjoyable. Otherwise, it’s not sustainable. Also, when a person is dancing, they cannot cry at the same time because you just can’t weep when your body is moving happily.” So, this could be your daily workout if you like. 😉
  2. Watching movies and TV shows: Nowadays you can watch movies at home without going to the cinema because Netflix is so popular. There is nothing wrong with binge-watching a TV show as long as it makes you happy. 😊
  3. Reading novels: A lot of people only read non-fiction books because they think reading fiction is a waste of time. But as I see it, there are many practical examples that I can directly imitate when I read a novel. So, I highly recommend reading fiction books to everyone who believes in play therapy!

international relationships

  • If you are already in a happy relationship and you are looking to use play therapy….

If you are in an international relationship already and you would like to use play therapy to further improve your relationship, please keep reading!

  1. Playing catch on the beach: This is the best game on the beach because it’s interactive and fun. Running in the ocean makes playing catch even better!
  2. Singing karaoke together: You can download some karaoke videos from YouTube and sing with your Slavic woman at home. Make sure most songs are romantic songs that are similar to One Sweet Day and I’m Your Angel! 😉
  3. Giving and / or receiving a facial: This is a great idea during lockdown. You can do it at home easily. Simply buy some tools and essential products that you need, and then you can create a home spa instantly. Make sure you put on some relaxing music in the background so that your home spa looks very professional! Personally, my favorite background music during a facial is Enya’s songs. 😊
  4. Having a coffee date at home: If the local coffee shop is closed due to COVID, you can have a coffee date at home. Make your own coffee and chat with your Eastern European lady. Ask each other interesting questions so that you will know each other better. This will surely strengthen your emotional connection.
  5. Having a dinner date at home: If your local restaurant is closed because of COVID, don’t worry – you can still have a dinner date at home! Just cook your own dinner together and enjoy the meal. Maybe you can let your Slavic lady teach you how to cook a special dish.

 “Always smell the roses whenever you can because life is short – every moment is very, very important!”