A world-renowned author wrote a book about how to write a book in 3 weeks or less. In this book, she points out that the secret to success is secret. In other words, you aren’t supposed to tell people anything about your goals until you’ve already achieved your goals. Does this principle also apply to international dating and relationships?

  • If you don’t tell people what your goals are….

Indeed, sometimes when you tell people what your goals are, they may want to sabotage your goals. More specifically, your goals probably make your friends look bad because they aren’t ambitious; your family may not like your goals because they don’t like the change. These are very common.

My mentor didn’t tell her family that she was writing a book until her book was already published. She also didn’t tell her friends that she was running seminars until thousands of tickets were already sold (and she was on TV). She also believes that the secret to success is secret.

Also, when you tell people what your goals are, you psychologically feel that you’ve already achieved your goals to some degree, according to a psychologist that I interviewed recently. Therefore, telling people what your goals are isn’t a great strategy.

  • What if you need an accountability buddy?

If you aren’t the most disciplined person in the world, you may need an accountability buddy who will hold you accountable. In that case, you should find someone who is actually like-minded. This person has to come from the same subculture. For example, you went to a personal development seminar and decided to set three goals. You can find someone who also attended the same personal development seminar and you can be each other’s accountability buddy. 😊

But if you are very disciplined, you don’t really need an accountability buddy because you can hold yourself accountable.

Personally, I’ve never had an accountability buddy and I’ve achieved at least 95% of my goals so far in my life. As a result, it can be seen that doing it alone is totally possible as long as the right resources are available.

Frankly, in a way, my happiest time is the time that I spend all by myself, so the quarantine is actually a pretty good time for me to some extent.

  • Should you tell people that you are looking for a Slavic girlfriend?

This is possibly a debate. Please let me explain.

First of all, if you tell people that you are looking for a Slavic girlfriend, they might help you to find true love. For example, your friends and family may introduce suitable candidates to you. This could be an advantage.

But if you are sure that people in your social circle don’t really know anyone suitable, then maybe you shouldn’t tell them that you’re looking for an Eastern European girlfriend.

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If you choose online dating, then you don’t really need to tell anyone anything about your relationship goal. You are in charge of your love life. You decide what to do. You choose who you want to meet, date and marry. You design your future blueprint and your destiny.

That probably means the secret to success is actually secret!

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