It is an interesting question, isn’t it? I asked several couples who are in international relationships this question and their answers are so intriguing!

  • Nathan and Olga:

Nathan is a 35-year-old American guy and his Ukrainian wife Olga is a 32-year-old elegant lady. These songs would be on their movie’s soundtrack:

  • Can’t Help Falling in Love (by Elvis Presley): This song is from the movie Blue Hawaii (1961). It is considered one of the most romantic songs of all time. Many other singers have done its covers. For example, Darren Hayes’s version is best characterized by his very wide vocal range, so it’s a unique version. Nathan and Olga’s wedding featured this love song for multiple times (sung by several different singers)!
  • Don’t Know Much (by Aaron Neville and Linda Ronstadt): When this song was released in 1989, the album Cry Like a Rainstorm, Howl Like the Wind became very sensational. It won the Grammy Award for Best Pop Performance by a Group/Duo with Vocals.
  • Endless Love (by Diana Ross and Lionel Richie): This is Nathan and Olga’s favorite song on the planet. Every year they listen to this song on their wedding anniversary.
  • The Power of Love (by Celine Dion): Celine Dion’s voice is very sentimental in this song. Nathan and Olga told me that whenever they stay at home for an unrushed weekend, they put on this song in the background! It’s so relaxing!


  • Jonathan and Anna:

Jonathan is a 36-year-old guy from Australia and his wife Anna is a 34-year-old Ukrainian lady. They have been happily married for three years. According to this happy couple, their soundtrack would include the following songs if their relationship were a movie:

  • Run to You (by Whitney Houston): Whitney’s voice is so emotional in this song. It is a classic love song from the 90s. On Jonathan’s 35th birthday, Anna sang this song for him!
  • Hero (by Mariah Carey): Mariah Carey has many love songs. Strictly speaking, this song isn’t a typical love song according to its lyrics. But Jonathan and Anna like this song so much that they must keep it on their soundtrack. 😉 Indeed, the message of this song is fascinating.
  • All Around Me (by Savage Garden): This is a very rare track, but it’s Jonathan and Anna’s favorite (they were born in the 80s, so when Savage Garden was wildly successful in the late 90s, they were superfans.)
  • God Walking into the Room (by Darren Hayes): When this couple told me that this song would be on their soundtrack, I was a bit surprised because this song isn’t about idealistic love. “We don’t analyze lyrics; we just enjoy the music,” says Jonathan, “We are Darren’s hardcore fans.” 😊

Eastern European woman

  • Greg and Kateryna:

Greg is a 40-year-old Canadian guy and his Ukrainian wife Kateryna is 37 years old. They have been married for four years and their daughter is two years old. If their international marriage were a movie, these songs would be on their soundtrack:

  • Wonderful Tonight (by Eric Clapton): Greg is very proud of his Ukrainian lady. He says every time they go out together, other men would be very jealous because his wife is so beautiful. Indeed, most western men’s wives are overweight in reality, so Greg is glad that he is happily married to a health-conscious Eastern European woman.
  • Love Me Tender (by Norah Jones): Even though the original version sung by Elvis Presley is more popular and well-known, Greg and his Ukrainian wife prefer Norah Jones’s version because they love jazz. Yes, Norah Jones’s version is just like a glass of wine!
  • Lovin’ You (by Minnie Riperton): This love song is so classic, deep and meaningful. Therefore, Greg and Kateryna claim that this song must be on their soundtrack.
  • Home (by Michael Bublé): This song is warm, soulful and moving. Greg and Kateryna explain that this song reminds them of the importance of having a home where they belong.
  • When You Believe (by Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston): Featuring the best singers in the world, this song is best characterized by its emotive power. Its theme is very powerful and empowering at the same time. It is Greg and Kateryna’s daughter’s favorite song, so they have to keep it on their movie’s soundtrack. 😉


“Art can inform romantic love in so many different ways. Never underestimate the power of art in love and in life!”