After interviewing a large number of mature men above 35 years old, I’ve summarized the qualities that mature guys are looking for in Eastern European women.

  • Mature men like ladies who have core confidence.

This probably sounds a bit corny, but it’s true. Who doesn’t like confident ladies?

In reality, there are 2 types of confident ladies: 1) ladies who seem to be confident; 2) ladies who are truly confident.

Maybe you’ve heard of several female celebrities’ horrific stories: they had attractiveness, status, fame, and so on; thus, they seemed to be confident. Yet they literally committed suicide. Clearly, that means these famous women only had some external confidence which could be faked. Obviously, external confidence and core confidence are very, very different.

Generally, mature men like ladies who have core confidence. But it doesn’t necessarily mean external confidence is not key. Truthfully, external confidence directly influences how a person feels; therefore, this layer of confidence could boost an individual’s core confidence to some extent. I mean if a woman merely has external confidence, that’s not enough.

Many Eastern European women know how to improve their external confidence. First of all, they prioritize grooming. Indeed, the more fastidious their grooming, the more confidence they project. A primary indication that a lady’s morale is dropping is when her grooming habits slip. Second, others can tell from your posture whether you’re feeling like a loser or a winner. Your posture tells people how to treat you from sight alone! Your posture talks at all times, even when you are silent. What’s more, positive self-talk and positive talk about self are able to help you build confidence because you have to be on your side all the time.

Eastern European women

  • Mature men like elegant ladies.

An elegant lady pays close attention to her cleanliness, i.e., shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, daily soap & water, etc. Everyone can afford clean & it’s so easy to do!

Also, an elegant lady prefers a sophisticated style when it comes to fashion. Her clothes are always feminine and smart (not fussy). Yes, your clothing displays your character/personality. In my opinion, tastefully body-conscious and sophisticated clothing on a lady is attractive to mature men. People usually socialize with individuals who dress about the same way, which is an unspoken method of identifying your type of individual.

Furthermore, mature men like intelligent ladies from Eastern Europe. According to my work experience in the international dating industry, the most sought-after trait in ladies is intelligence because most mature men would like to meet intelligent ladies.

Moreover, mature men like happy ladies. In my view, the most important attraction principle is sparkling happiness. A woman who sparkles with true happiness is the most desirable lady in mature men’s reality.

Why does a lady want a romantic relationship with a mature guy? She wants a romantic relationship with a mature guy so as to add true happiness to her life. Men have the same reason! Men also want a woman who adds true happiness to their lives.

Consequently, if a woman is constantly complaining, a mature man knows she can’t add happiness to his life.

What happens when you are in love? You tingle with happiness and excitement! In truth, happiness itself attracts true love. Therefore, you have to learn how to radiate true happiness first!

A happy lady from Eastern Europe generates a wattage of excitement about herself. A study indicates that individuals fall in love during pure excitement more than at any other time. When you generate your wattage of excitement with true happiness, you become a love magnet!

Please use this affirmation from now on: “I am very excited about life. I genuinely welcome all the love, joy and beauty of life into my reality. I really appreciate the fascinating beauty of life around my world. What a good day! What a great life!”

Well, even if you don’t always feel that way nowadays due to the pandemic, you can still choose to say this affirmation in order to rev up your wattage with the electricity of welcoming the joy, beauty and satisfaction of life into your world. You may even use this affirmation repeatedly to wash your daily thoughts, cleanse your soul, bathe your spirit and fill your heart with the wonderful electricity of life itself!

In addition, true happiness is also a gift you can give other people. We can always give happiness generously in a very cheerful disposition. If you have true happiness, people think you must be a special person, so they really want to get closer to you, hoping that your true happiness will rub off on them in a way!

“Eastern European women are elegant ladies who respect and admire mature men.”